2017 Spring May 4 Thursday

49 degrees this morning. Walk 35:53 minutes

Hopefully this morning is the coolest it will be until next fall! Got started a little late this morning and had to dodge sprinkler systems etc., which I normally don’t have to do when I get my walk started on time.

Pace this morning was 41 seconds slower than my goal, which isn’t good, but what is, is. I didn’t try to walk fast this morning, but I didn’t realize I was walking that slow.

As I have mentioned before, this time of year is so difficult since your expectation is it will be warm, but it isn’t, at least not warm all than much.

Hopefully we went to our last “cold” baseball game last night and the rest of them will be in warmer weather.

AAA, at least in this state, is now responding to bicycle breakdowns! While I haven’t had a chance to look at the policy in detail (it is part of the basic policy and no additional charge even!), that is something I had hoped for for a long time).

At some point in my life, I realized I would never be able to change a bicycle tire etc., and so that has limited how far I can ride my bike. Not that there aren’t a lot of other limitations, since as tired legs, lungs etc!, but I just didn’t want to get caught too far away from the house.

Hopefully they will come out and change your tire, or, at minimum, take my bike and I back home.

We had debated keeping AAA since we don’t use it all that often and our car insurance offers the same thing for literally pennies per day. So, other than hotel and car rental discounts etc., which basically paid for the premium when we traveled more, it didn’t have a lot of value anymore.

However, now I wouldn’t cancel it for anything, at least as long as there is a chance I will ride my bicycle, although I still need to check on exactly what services it provides.

Of course now I need to be careful not to get too reckless since I have AAA to back me up if something happens!

Haven’t had a dream I have written down for awhile so I want to note this dream.

dream 5-3-17

Dreamed I was attending something at a local community college campus. (I haven’t been on their campus for years).

I was going from place to place either attending meetings or looking for meetings.

At one point I thought I had lost my scandals and I picked up what I thought was my pair but they turned into a woman’s pair and I realized I was wearing my scandals.

I carried them around with me, intending to bring them back, but I would never find the same place.

The shoes started to deteriorate, losing some of the sole, and then suddenly a pair of white scandals appeared, with part of the top of the sole torn off..

I walked through a maze of areas trying to find my way back. At one point, I had to jump out of the way of a man pushing a big mattress.

Other dream:

Dreamed I was in a restaurant, the Waiter was trying desperately to Cross sell”, offering me everything from insurance to some type of new product.

I remember waking up and thinking “this is how i when I talk to a bank etc, they are always trying to sell you something else. Very annoying.

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 4, 2017.


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