2017 Spring May 5 Friday

49 degrees this morning, walk 36:14 minutes

While cool, without a wind my walk this morning was ok. Walked a little longer than normal. Pace was 14 seconds slower than my goal.

Finished listening to “Algorithms to Live By” this morning. Undecided on whether to listen to it again. I may read the book first and and listen to it again.

The International City Managers Association has a professional development program, which includes a requirement to have a certain number (40) hours of training each year. Of course in my current status I have a difficult time getting enough hours.

However, I can get hours by reading appropriate books and commenting on them. I won’t go into all the details, but it basically is a really good way for me to learn, by trying to explain what I learned, if that makes sense!

So I will use this book as my first “book” training.

I was pleased to get a rational response to a posting (concerning “running government like a business), which allows some rational and intelligent on-line discussion, as well as consideration on changing or at least expanding my thoughts on the subject.

One of the biggest problems I see with the current communications (at the national level) is the lying and viscous personalizing of differences of opinions. I think (or rather know) it spills over to “normal” conversation where people communicate in two word phrases on the others opinions rather than rational discussion.

Or, perhaps, worse yet, they comment on the other person as a person as a way of disagreeing with their opinions.

I hardly am not going to apologize for any comments I”ve made about anyone in national office, their actions (lies, vindictive persecution, bigoted behavior etc.) don’t entitle them to any respect, but it shouldn’t change how I react to persons who may have different opinions.

Listened to Tim Cook the other day with Jim Cramer, and he mentioned (the obvious) the importance of the iPhone in society. When you think about everyone having a personal phone, camera (video and still), access to the internet at any time and place, the present is indeed the future.

Aliene and I listen to books while driving (usually fiction) and we are currently listening to an excellent book “The Verdict”.

Although I don’t know how it relates to the book overall, the main character has a son and daughter and he daughter (I’m not sure of her age, but she is under 13 since he tells her she can’t be on “Facebook” because she is under 13).

Anyway she continually is begging for an iPhone, not just any phone, but an iPhone so she can be on Facebook and communicate with her friends. She also rats out her brother that he is on Facebook.

Her response to not being 13 yet is “I’ll pretend” and I assume all of her friends will know her “pretend” name.

I think that says a lot about our current means of communication etc. and I think the iPhone, Facebook, etc. have more if an impact on individual lives of everyone almost more than any other invention. I realized the impact several years ago when I realized almost every homeless person has a cellphone, which provides some protection and connection to society for them.

I am also continually amazed at persons whose phone is their “computer” and what they can do with their phone.

More on this in future posts!

That’s it for now, Friday, May 5, 2017.


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