2017 Spring May 6 Saturday

53 degrees this morning, Walk 35:14 minutes

Walk this morning was very pleasant, a little coolish, but no wind. Dressed a little too well for cool weather which is better than not enough!

Pace was 4 seconds slower than the goal, which is probably actually close enough for the goal, although my actual goal is a minute faster than my goal actually is!

Listening to a new book this morning, on the history of Europe the first half of the century (really 1914 to 1949).

One of the first things they mentioned was the destructive world wars primarily instituted by “German First” or “Italy First” lying, lunatic, bully dictators who were elected and then became dictators (after suppressing the press etc., building a “strong military”, “keeping out the immigrants” etc.), took over the spineless legislature with threats and brides etc.

Of course they were elected by pandering to the lowest common denominator and pandering to the fears of people.

Very scary, it sounds very familiar, although fortunately I hope the United States is more difficult for a lying bully lunatic to take the same path.

The impact of Russia “cyberbullying” in the France election (and of course their interference in getting a lying bully lunatic elected in the United States) really makes you wonder if it will lead to less use of computers etc.

Already, in many cases, we handle sensitive information by mail or in person rather than use the internet or e-mail due to the criminal activity on the internet. I’m sure other industries are doing the same thing even in a more intense way.

Although the book has some interesting points, I’m not sure if it is a very “listenable” book, I find it hard to concentrate on the very detailed writing. While I normally muddle through even the most unlistenable detailed book if I have some interest in the subject, I have so many other books I want to listen/re-listen to, I may not stick with it.

Not that it is a badly written book, it is just that it is difficult to listen to, so I will give it some more time. It has a lot of good thoughts.

A concept from the “Algorithms in daily life” book that I have thought a lot about is “Recursive behavior”. I looked this up on Google and most of the definitions related to computers rather than human behavior.

However, if I understand it right, it is based on “what I think you are thinking” and perhaps “”what I think you are thinking I am thinking” and even more “What I think you are thinking I am thinking you are thinking I am thinking”. (It probably could go on forever.)

He uses Poker as a simple example, but I can see ramifications for this in all phases of life. Or another example is the stock market where I buy not based on what I think a stock is worth, but what I think you think the stock will be worth in a year etc.

If you base your actions on what you think I think you will think I will do, it becomes a matter of perception of what you think (etc.), not what reality is.

Anyway, it is something to ponder and do some more reading on.

I think I am going to base my International City Manager Association study on items like this, since it will give me some framework to research.

That’s it of now, Saturday, May 6, 2017.

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