2017 Spring May 9 Tuesday

66 degrees this morning, walk 34:11 minutes, weights etc.

Walk didn’t have that coolish tinge to the air, even at 66 degrees, so hopefully the weather has turned for warm weather.

Pace was 10 seconds faster than my goal pace. However, since my ACTUAL goal is a minute faster, I could also look at it as 50 seconds slower than my goal. Since I have never actually walked my goal (at least in the last year), I guess I could say it is still a “goal”.

I will look on the positive side and look at it as 10 seconds under my goal!

Saw a sign on a car yesterday (in about 6 inch letters on the back, stuck on the paint, “Gun control is shooting a liberal at 500 years”. I have to admit, even though by now I should be used to some of he trashy scum around here, (a very small % I might add, but there), I was shocked that someone would actually put that on the back of a car.

I sped up to look at see what kind of person (if you can call him or her that) would put that on the car, but they had thick film on the car, I guess to hide the wide yellow streak going down their back.

Most persons like that are cowards and don’t have any self-confidence , and I have to wonder what kind of person would actually put that on his or her car?

While I strongly support freedom of speech, this seems akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. On the other hand, you just have to accept the fact that there are trashy low-class ignorant people around.

Of course, there was a sign “lying bully in 2016’ (not the exact words, but meaning the same thing) on the car also.

If I ever see it again, i’ll be sure to get a picture of it. The police may need it as evidence.

I don’t have anything against guns, but i have to blame the “leadership” (leading down to the slime level) of some of the gun organizations for comments like that. They definitely attract some of the nuts and encourage violence and repression of free speech and they need to moderate their comments.

Of course responsible leadership starts at the top of any organization and we really don’t have a lot of positive role models in leadership right now at any level.

On another note, yesterday I had a conversation with a business person about retail (and I have had a number of similar conversations). I think the “death of brick and mortar” retail and malls etc. may not be all that exaggerated. Of course I see the closings and hear about malls negotiating lower and lower rents etc., out of necessity.

The other day Aliene and I were in a local chain store and one of the representatives even suggested we go to Amazon to find the item we wanted!
Again, the “smart phone” apparently plays a major role, since it helps comparison price etc.

When I was in college we discussed “saving downtowns” and I bought up a comment that shocked my fellow students, on “why save downtowns if suburbs are what people want”? (The professor loved it of course for the lively discussion that followed).

Actually downtowns (or the “Central City” have repositioned themselves and many have become very attractive again, and I think retail may have have the future of a painful readjustment. (The downtown repositioning took about 30 years, or maybe 40 which is two generations. Not sure what that means.)

Have to mention, I have an article on “the Administrative State” (actually “deconstructing the Administrative State) which I need to sit down and ponder and report my thoughts on that!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 9, 2017.


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