2017 Spring May 10 Wednesday

71 degrees this morning. Walk 35:48 minutes

First morning for a long time I haven’t worn the scarf (it is actually called something else) around my mouth or a stocking cap on my head during my walk. Also dressed lighter in view of the 71 degree temperature, which isn’t really that warm.

Pace was about 21 seconds slower than my goal pace. Not sure why I am not maintaining a faster pace, something I need to continually work on .

Had our HVAC checked yesterday (just the normal yearly check), but it didn’t resolve the vibration problem, just told us one or two things it wasn’t. One of those things that is becoming a major concern because we don’t even know who to call. We’ll keep working on it.

I did find I was asking the wrong question on Google, it wasn’t why the doors rattled, it was why there is vibration in the house.

Had the second Nest installed. Got it programmed and working. It was nice this morning to come in and find it cooler and not have to change the thermostat when I leave etc. I set it for each morning

It is amazingly easy to use and operate.

Looked up the quote on “gun control is dropping a Liberal at 500 yards” (or words to that effect). I was surprised to find a number of sites selling t-shirts, bumper stickers with the same or similar sicko wording. (On both sides of the issue).

Listening to the book (To Hell and Back) on the time from 1914 to 1949 basically in Europe. The authors mention that at times, the “home crowd” (the people who were not involved in the actual fighting) couldn’t imagine the actual carnage and inhumane aspects of war, to the point that they would get upset about soldiers who came back and tried to tell them what war was really like.

The book mentioned there was one documentary that was shown on WWI and people actually got sick and fainted from seeing it.

Obviously it is a lot different today when we can literally watch live battles. Perhaps even that tends to immunize us from the horrors of actual fighting.

I find it is difficult for me to concentrate on the book, my mind tends to wander, but I am picking up length information it is worth it to listen to it.

Read an article on changes in the Administrative State. I understand now why I was advised that “interns” write the articles.

Probably that is the type of article I like to read and say “I support free speech but I disagree with what you say”. (I’m not quite sure if I would go so far as to say “I will depend your right to say it” to the death or something like that). I may say they have the right to theorize on it.

I think this points out the importance of “Lies” on facts versus opinions. While I disagree with most of the article, I think their theory is wrong rather than just flat lies.

There is a lot of good thoughts on the concept of the “Administrative State” while I disagree with a number of their theories and proposals.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 10, 2017.


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