2017 Spring May 12 Friday

60 degrees this morning, no walk (rain)

The good news is the vibrating of the air conditioning stopped. The bad news is we don’t have any air conditioning! Apparently the blower mower was causing the vibration, someone is coming out this morning to look at it.

Fortunately, a cold front came in and it is still relatively mile weather, so we should be ok until it is fixed. Also, if nothing else we do have a second air conditioner which is doing fine for the upstairs, so at least we can get cool.

My thoughts on the decline of retail are reinforced by talking with retailers and also the recent stock market action on big retailer stocks.

In a way, the dependence on the internet, and the distribution system is a real concern since it increases dependence on just a few areas.

Around Mothers Day, along with other things about Mothers Day, I am reminded of the year of the Oklahoma City bombing (1995). The weather was horrible until Mothers Day weekend, when it suddenly turned wonderful, like promising a new beginning.

Occasionally I read an article I like to save to “read later” which normally doesn’t happen. One of the best ways I have found to “save” an article is to write/speak about it, which “saves” it in my mind.

One article I said mentioned that we need to “give up” some things. I found it rather interesting, not sure how helpful and of course it is easier said than done. However, if I review them and think about them it will be easier to implement them.

—“Give up avoiding reality”. In this case the article mentions being more aware of yourself, kind of like “mindfulness”. The article mentions paying attention to “pain” of any type since it is trying to get your attention for a reason.

It is easy to try to avoid being aware of “pain” or those little annoyances (both in your body, life, and things like the car and house),

I like to think of it as “if I know of a problem at least I can do something about it”, but it
is always easier to let things slide until you have to do something, at least easier until you absolutely have to act or it is past the time you can do anything about it!

-“Give up excuses”. In a nutshell, the advice is to move from “why me” to “what can I do now”.

-“Give up overthinking and worrying”-The advice is that “worrying” about something only increases your stress and doesn’t resolve the problem. However, I think you need to balance that with thinking how to resolve the problem.

-“Give up worrying about what other people think’. Advice is to “do what is best for you”, which is good advice in most cases, as long as isn’t carried to extremes!

-“Give up comparing yourself to others”. The advice here is to “write your own life story”. Not a bad idea at all, kind of like “do your own thing’ or “follow your bliss”. Easy to say, but difficult to do in the everyday world.

-“Give up resistance to growing”. I think “growing” can be stressful, perhaps summarized by “get out of your comfort zone”, at least when it makes sense to do so!

-Give up procrastinating” I like the wording “either do it or get it off your list” I”m not sure when you decide to “take it off your list”, but, as a person with long “to do” lists, that makes sense!

That’s it for now, Friday, May 12, 2017.


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