2017 Spring May 13 Saturday

2017 Spring May 13 Saturday

53 degrees this morning, walk 35:09 minutes

Concerned about the suddenly lower temperature on my walk, but actually it was very nice, no wind and an excellent morning for a walk.

Pace was 12 seconds slower than my goal.

I thought about setting a “dynamic” goal (a daily average of my pace on a daily or weekly basis), but decided I have better uses of my time.

We got our AC fixed-I think. It seemed like it was working well, but then it seemed like it wasn’t doing as well, but the temperature dropped so we will see. Probably not much we can do about tithes weekend anyway unless it is an emergency.

Some kind of wheel in the HVAC system (not sure what it does exactly but it apparently is vital).

Thinking about the “Administrative State”, I think an “Administrative State” is a good defense to some delusional lying bully who is all over the landscape depending on how it benefits him and his family personally.

You add in a bunch of politicians who decided they’ll kow tow to this lying lunatic until they get what they want before they get rid of him and you have a situation really dangerous to our society.

Of course that doesn’t include the huge neo-fascist companies who see this lying bully as a means to to rip off billions more by being able to rip off consumers and rape public lands of the natural resources and enrich themselves even more as consumer protections are dropped without any regard for their intent.

Obviously regulation can be excessive, but the incompetent (in many cases criminals) the lying lunatic appoints only can look at enriching their buddies and big companies and ignoring anything but their extremist ideology. A really dangerous situation

The “Administrative State” is also a good defense against the wannabe dictator who wants to rule based on personal “Executive Orders” he hasn’t bothered to read or understand and wouldn’t understand anyway.

Probably what bothers me most is his complete disregard for any kind of human interaction, he attempts to destroy people who disagree with him with lies, vicious and false personal comments etc.

Doesn’t have the courage to stand up to anyone personally, resorts to Twitter, and comments where the other person can’t respond. A real coward bully. Most bullies are cowards and it is certainly true in this case.

What is really discouraging is the number of people who still support this lying lunatic. How can anyone support a liar, not only a liar but a coward who attempts to destroy the lives of people who simply disagree with him?

Chalk all of this up to something i can’t worry about too much because what I really can’t do anything it, except wonder about the people that continue to support him and kow tow to him.

Other than that, looking forward to a busy and enjoyable weekend!

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 13, 2017.


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