2017 Spring May 14 Sunday

64 degrees this morning, walk 34:36 minutes

Walk was ok this morning, slight wind at first. Weird car this morning, it parked on the “main” road through the addition, and turned off it’s lights. Since there was no logical house near, I decided I was going to alter my route to avoid it.

However, by the time I got to the time to make a decision the car was already gone. I have a feeling it was a police car anyway.

Pace was 14 seconds slower than my goal time. I guess the fact i don’t alway meet by goal, but do sometimes and frequently exceed it means it at least currently it is a good goal. As soon as the temperature starts to be around 75 degrees or so, hopefully I can start lowering my goal (and meeting or beating it).

Speaking of Police, I can feel for Police Officers, they are frequently in a “can’t win” position. Not saying a few don’t make extremely bad decisions (many make equally good decisions), but the forces surrounding their job are tough.

From my City work, I dealt with Police Officers frequently and they do have a tough job. Thank goodness as with the military, there are a lot of people attracted to police work for all of the right reasons.

I hate to see all Police Officers tarred with stereotypes just because of the actions of a few, just as I hate to see any demographic or occupational group placed in a behavioral box just for their occupation etc.

Thinking some more on the “Administrative State”, I think if you “deconstruct” the “Administrative State”, you also need to “deconstruct” large private companies and bring about “truer” capitalism, which thrives on competition rather than a single or a few companies operating without any competition, or, in the case of the Administrative State, any regulation to protect the public from the unethical executives and illegal actions and abuses by private companies. By “private”, I mean a “for profit” company.

Of course, you also the non-profit sector have people like the person who started (or at least the executive for) the religious university who basically figuratively sold his soul to the devil for perceived power and money and influence over corrupt, bullying and delusional lunatic who doesn’t know the truth he lies so much.

Still listening to the audio book on Europe form 1914 to 1949. Am amazed at how the events them parallel many current events, concerning the rise of dictators (and Nazi’s and Fascists etc.).

I think it emphasizes again the need for a truly “free” press, which is why is is so scary to see the extremists nuts trying to get control of all of the tv stations and major newspapers.

Of course, it is somewhat counterbalanced in that local tv etc. influence is decreasing and the interest, while it has a lot of misinformation, also provides the means to people to express their opinion.

Probably the biggest problem is the “dark” money etc. where unlimited funds can be used to attack local candidates who don’t have the funds to defend themselves.

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 14, 2017.


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