2017 Spring May 15 Monday

70 degrees sounds warm, but the wind picks up the coolness in the air. Still not that bad. Pace was 21 seconds per mile above my goal.

Starting the process of converting t-shirts to a quilt or similar item. I decided I’m going to put them aside and then wait for a short period, if i don’t miss them, they will be included. I know a lot of t-shirts (these are all “event” or “product” t-shirts etc.) I am going to include without a second thought, but some are on the “bubble” so to speak.

Of course the next step will probably be how do I organize the t-shirts on the quilts. For example, do I try to tell a story (perhaps events in chronological order?),or just randomly place the t-shirts”?

Right now I haven’t even talked to the company that does this, except of confirm that they do it. It may will be that they have some guidelines on this.

Every t-shirt brings back some kind of memories. They aren’t necessarily good or bad, but they bring back some memory, which is why they are hard to part with.

The memories can be far reaching. Fro example one t-shirt I have is an “event” t-shirt, which was a great event by itself, but overtime I think about it, it brings back memories of a car we looked at for Aliene to driven before we lift, one we didn’t by, but I thought it would have been a great car for her.

It was just after we got married, and I believe it was 19 years ago and the t-shirt still brings back memories, which shows the power of memory.

My first “event” t-shirt dates back to 1986, although I”m not sure I have it. The first one I know I have for sure dates back to October of 1988. That t-shirt also brings back some strong memories since it was just after I started working in Harrah, Oklahoma.

Anyway it will be fun to select the shirts to go into the quilt, with the realization that once they go into the quilt I can never wear them again.

In any event, I rarely wear many of them, so it will be fun to put them in the quilt.

On a similar project, I have been slowly and surely getting pictures of my “Hot Wheels”. They may not be great pictures, but at least I am making progress.

The cars don’t have the the memories the t-shirts too, but they are fun. Many times I think of the year of the car and think of what I was doing back them.

Got a “carpet” with road map on it for the “hot wheels’ houses etc. and a lot of roads to display the roads, basically for the kids (and me) tp play with!

Got our AC fixed (I hope). It worked well yesterday with a number of people in the house, so we are hoping it keeps up!

That’s it for now Monday, May 15, 2017.


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