2017 Spring May 16 Tuesday

70 degrees this morning, Walk 35:11 minutes

First time this year that I dressed lighter for my walk, didn’t wear my outer “walking jacket” or the scarf over my mouth. Seemed to go ok.

However, pace was still 22 seconds per mile slower than my goal. I decided also to start paying attention to my heart rate and correlating it with my pace to see if I see any correlation with my heart rate.

Recovering from a weekend of somewhat heavier eating than normal (Mother Day, guests etc.) by eating leftovers that are wonderful, but probably not all that good for me either! As long as it is just occasional!

I am always puzzled at how cheap food that isn’t healthy is! It is good to know it is there, but we still avoid it for the most part. During normal times for years we have split a Snickers bar at night, which basically satisfies our sweet tooth. I have found I have a tremendous sweet tooth when i have the chance but fortunately I can normally control it.

Some of my major weaknesses are Snickers, Strawberry ice cream (and Strawberry shakes), peanut M & M’s and Doritos. Oddly enough, I don’t really like potato chips etc. all that much and I normally don’t eat them, but I see a bag of Doritos and my mouth starts watering! Another weakness is the cinnamon roll at Panera Bread!

This is one of those weeks where the week seems to last forever. Last night, I went to take my pills (they are in a 7 -day a week type box) and I saw the Monday and Tuesday pills and my first thought was I had forgotten to take my pills on Monday and Tuesday!

I quickly realized of course that it was only Monday and I hadn’t forgotten at all! It did mean it is one of those weeks where for some reason my sense of time is stretched and I lost track of time. It still flies by.

Very hard to believe it is May 16, 2017, the year is just flying.

Watching the Formula 1 race from last Sunday (in Spain). I saw an episode where a car went out due to the front wheel breaking and a child in the stands started just crying so hard, it looked like his world had collapsed. You felt sorry for him and then you think he will need to learn to deal with a lot more that has favorite race car driver’s car breaking down. Of course, it could have bene a relative etc.

Probably it had been something he had been looking forward to and his expectations were suddenly and irrevocability dashed. I

Sometimes I think we attach way too much importance to sports (and we do), but on the other hand it is a way of handling some of our emotions in a way that isn’t necessarily negative or harmful to someone else.

In Formula 1, I love the normal announcers (sometimes I actually start laughing at their view of things), which is unusual for someone who normally doesn’t care for announcers.

How can you not like an announcer who refers to a blown engine (and of course the car out of the race) as “ghastly” !

I was amazed to read somewhere recently that soccer (in Europe) has “hooligans” who get into major fights over soccer games. Unless someone is playing I know, I have a hard time staying awake during a soccer game, much less getting in a fight over it! (Some with a lot of other sports, and I’m sure many people feel the same about my favorite sports!).

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 16, 2017.


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