2017 Spring May 17 Wednesday

64 degrees this morning, no walk, rain

Cloudy and threatening rain most of the day yesterday, but did’t start until the middle of the night.

We are hopeful the Air Conditioning problem is fixed, so far, so good. While I always wish I was good enough to do home repairs, I realized a long time ago that isn’t my cup to tea so to speak. The amount of time it would take me to learn it, and the fact I probably never would be able to do it wouldn’t make it worthwhile.

The Nest upstairs just went off-line (actually about 12 hours ago, but I just found out). The hazards of technology, I have no idea how to fix it and it will take hours to go through all of the steps to get everything connected.

In this case I tried to fix it an it shut down, so there is all the money down the drain and the last “Nest” product I will ever buy. (Probably not really, just my frustration with the product. I feel the same way about almost all products at one time or another.)

Kind of like printers, they just seem to never work right and all you get when you call is hours of “try this and try that”.; meaning their product isn’t up to the standards they promised.

Actually, the “Nest” booklet said there are people in the area who can install it (I have to assume it wasn’t installed correctly or is just a defective product) but I really don’t like the idea of having to call someone every time it decides to have a tangent.

Actually, probably, from what I have heard of the product, it will keep working once it is set up right, but I think it is a problem with many of the current products that they assume the consumer knows a lot more than they do about a product they actually do.

Also I think when you have high expectations for a product (like I did about the Nest) it is disappointing when it fails you and just becomes one more hassle you have to deal with and not the time saving/money saving device it is supposed to be.

I think much of it is that the company is thinking more about its stock price and how they can juice up the stock than they really are about making a decent product.

One of the problems of owning a house is finding someone to do the work. In most cases you don’t even mind what they charge, you just need someone who will do the work and take pride in their work.

Of course, my problem is I need to have more patience with a product and try to think things through rather than get impatient with the product and many of the extremely defective manuals. In the case of the “Nest” it may be the internet set-up, although I don’ know why that would be a problem.

I took a course years ago in writing the type instructions etc. (I don’t recall exactly what it was called). It was interesting how quickly it became fairly easy to write instructions once you get the flow of it. I wish some of the people who write instruction manuals would be required to go through a similar course!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 17, 2017.


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