2017 Spring May 18 Thursday

66 degrees this morning, walk 35:02 minutes

Reasonably good walk this morning, a little coolness in the air.

Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal. I almost said it was “as good as meeting my goal”, but I guess that isn’t really true. At some point, there has to be a cutoff and my goal is the cutoff. Whether I miss my goal by one second or one minute, I still haven’t met my goal unless it is a that time or below.

Somehow the “Nest” fixed itself in a manner of speaking. Anyway it is working again, but I’ll never feel quite as secure about it as I did before. Mainly because I”m not sure what to do it it happens again. Basically I did the computer version of a hard reset.

Saw a snake trying to get into our garage last night. Got a yelp out of me to say the least. It was not a small snake, although it was a skinny snake.

I think it was trying to get the cricket which has been in our garage for a week or two. Ominously enough, we didn’t hear the cricket last night or this morning, which could mean the snake is in the garage or the cricket took a chance and went outside!

I keep telling myself “snakes are good’” butI really don’t believe it!

On my walk this morning, I was very tentative walking out the door etc, watching for the snake. It is probably more scared of me than I am of it (although that would be a little difficult).

My first thought was to raise the garage door and scare it off until I realized that it may get into the garage that way! Aliene had a better idea of just rattling the garage and scaring the snake off.

I am going to get some ammonia and putting it around the area to keep the snakes off. Don’t know if it will work, but I don’t see them I will assume it worked!

Another dream.

5-17-17 Wednesday Dream

Dream I was in a car driving around. I had stopped and gotten a room at a motel and went to a meeting someplace, a meeting I wouldn’t normally attend (I don’t know what)

When I was driving away, I realized I had left my coat there. Then I woke up slightly and realized since it was a dream I hadn’t left my coat there (it is a favorite coat and I didn’t want to drive back).

Drove to a church, not sure why and again, went inside. Don’t know why I went in, but when I came out, it was muddy and there were two other cars at the church. At one point while I was in the church, I thought I was in my car and I couldn’t figure out how to get the car out of the church, since the door was so small, but then I started through and got out.

I went to get into my car and dropped my gloves. (An old leather pair I have had for years). I picked them up and realized they were so muddy I would never get them clean, so I left them in the mud hole.

Really strange dream, but I have been having a lot of them,, so I thought I would write it down.

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 18, 2017


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