2017 Spring May 19 Friday

Today is Angela’s birthday, it is amazing how fast time has passed since she was born! I won’t go into how long ago, although I don’t think she is bothered by age.

66 degrees this morning, no walk (rain and lightning)

Forecast heavy storms last night, did get some heavy rain, but not really bad. Lightning this morning at the time I normally walk, but has cleared up by now.

Recently found an app “Blinklist” (actually an app and website) that has “15” minute summaries (both written and audio) of top books etc.

Sounds like a good idea but it may be that sometimes you just can’t summarize something and get its concept in a 15 minute summary of what may be a 12 hour book (audio) or a six hour read if you read the book.

I think in a way it is good , in that if I found an idea intriguing, I can always borrow the book from the library or get an audio book of it.

On the other hand, if it isn’t something that interests me, I can avoid an investment of time and possibly money in something I’m not interested in.

Like I have noted numerous times, time is so limited that I really look at activities I can stop and things that will save me time.

I still like the “Cliffnote” type of summaries, where you get a detail summary and analysis. There are really three benefits to it.

-First of all, they provide a detailed analysis that actually can substitute reading the book. In fact, for limited purposes (primarily time), it can actually be better than reading the book, since many times you (or at least I) miss important points when I read a book.

-If I read a “Cliffnote” summary before I read a book I have a better understanding of where the book is going and frequently enjoy it more since I have a better understanding of the characters plot etc.

-I also like to read “Cliffnote” summaries of books I have read since I frequently pick up concepts I missed etc., plus it reinforces what I have learned.

I am seriously considering canceling my subscription (at least the paper version for sure) to the Wall Street Journal. It is still an excellent paper, however I just don’t have (or take) the time to read it in an through matter.

Actually I was a little surprised but the Washington Post is one of the most “iPhone friendly” news papers and the New York Times is one of the most “Twitter friendly” newspapers. Both also have good websites that are easy to navigate and informative.

I still really like the Sunday New York Times, it is hard to imagine reading it on the internet.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most iPad friendly newspaper for some reason.

Of course, a major reason to cancel the Wall Street Journal is I have no desire to support the evilness and the lies of the Fox News empire. The Wall Street Journal actually is set up to avoid the influence of the Fox idiots, but they still benefit from the Wall Street Journal profits and I am sure use the money to spread their lies and misinformation

One thing I noted in listening to the history of Europe from 1914 to 1949 is the emphasis of both
Hitler and Mussolini on targeting news media as “fake news”. Sound familiar?

That’s it for now, Friday, May 19, 2017.


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