2017 Spring May 21 Sunday

50 degrees this morning, walked normal route, but no time

Cooler than I ever expected it to be on May 21! However it didn’t seem all that cold, or maybe I just dressed for it.

I got caught up in preparing my speech in my head and forgot to turn off my watch when I finished so I don’t have any time this morning. Doesn’t happen often, but it happens! I can estimate it, but I have to wonder what difference it will make.

I couldn’t figure out where my “workout” was on the iWatch and then I went back the end of he walk in my head and I realized I had forgotten to shut off the watch.

While walking I changed my mind on the Toastmasters speech and decided to tell a story rather than give a speech on the “37%” algorithm for making a choice on something. May still give it, but I need some time to think about how to approach it.

I have to work on most speeches and it takes me a lot of time. I always kick myself (not literally) for signing up for a speech since it takes me a big commitment of thought and time for even a short speech when I give a “manual” speech.

I always think “what was I thinking” on the weekend before I give a speech, but then I realize I won’t become a better speaker by just thinking about it, I have do it.

It concerns a trip I took back to Liberal, Kansas from Wichita, Kansas one snowy Sunday night many, many years ago..

I really wonder now how we lived without cell phones. I assume everyone now thinks “well they have a cell phone to call for help” but back then there was no such thing as a cell phone so maybe people stopped to help.

Of course, I can remember spending a night on I-70 from about 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. before anyone stopped. I blew a water hose and it shorted out the battery. That is something I wouldn’t want to try again today, except that I would have a cell phone with me. Of course, there are still areas without cell phone service!

I was just thinking this morning that happened before home computers, cell phones etc. so it was definitely a different world. Even cb radios hadn’t become that widespread yet.

Went to a 3rd birthday party yesterday and I again marveled at how fast time goes.

Actually I recently read an abstract of a book on time, and it was interesting reading, if I ever get time to read it and really analyze it!

I did read (or hear) an interesting observation that some animals are able to run etc. as soon astray are born, but humans take year or so to walk etc. and are really vulnerable and defenseless for years.

Second day of the weekend. Somehow the weekend seems to go so fast, no matter atet you do or don’t do. Of course, the work week also goes fast. It seems like Money starts and suddenly it is Friday.

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 21, 2017.


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