2017 Spring May 23 Tuesday

2017 Spring May 23 Tuesday

56 degrees this morning, walk 33:51 minutes

Walk was cool this morning, probably the moisture in the air. Pace is 21 seconds below (faster) the goal time.

Of course, now I on’t want to change another f f

Getting ready to start on some long term projects, including Aliene scanning her pictures, picking up on making pictures of the “Hot Wheels”, as well as t-shirts.

I am starting to sort through my t-shirts to convert many of the t-shirts to a quilt of blanket. I do plan on taking pictures of he t-shirts first. I still still kind of have a “waiting period” before I actually take them up to be turned into a quilt, although I don’t see any reason I shouldn’t proceed with it.

Taking pictures of the Hot Wheels has been more a matter of finding a place with decent lighting as much as anything.

Watching the State Legislature at “work”, I have to wonder what a large number of them thought they were doing when they ran for office. It seems that they feel special interests elected them, not the voters. They certainly cater to special interests more than they are concerning about providing services to the public.

One thing about trying to give a speech or write about something, you learn want you don’t know also. Tried to prepare a speech based on a small part of the book “Algorithms in Daily Life” and realized I didn’t understand it as well as I thought.

I think the solution is to realize that much of it is theoretical and trying to turn it into practical advice takes a short leap of faith so to speak.

For example, while I understand the significance of the “37 % rule” on making decisions etc. on, say, purchasing or renting a home, I have to think that there also has to be some consideration on how you set the “total field” before you start.

As an example, the theory is that to avoid buying/renting too soon, but still not taking forever to make a decision you look at “37%” of the total field of homes and then make a decision on the “best” home after you have looked at 37% of the number you planned on looking at.

My concern is, how to you find the original “37%” field? That is, how do you decide on the universe of what you potentially will look at? Is it 10 houses, 20 houses 100 houses?

Also, the same is true for the “time” factor. Do you decide you are going to look 30 days? If so how many house/apartments will you work on each day or week? It won’t do a lot of good if you wait until after 20 days to start looking!

I’m sure here are some answers, or at least enlightened thoughts on this!

I think that is why it is so important to try to pass on your thoughts and attempt to explain something you have read, it really helps you understand the concepts a lot better and also of course any misunderstandings (or failing to understand)

That’s it for now, Tuesday May 23, 2017.


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