2017 Spring May 24 Wednesday

51 degrees this morning, walk 35:06 minutes.

Relatively “warm” 51 degrees this morning, believe it or not! Pace was five seconds slower than my goal.

Seems like it should be warming up “for the Summer” and do away with these 50 degree temperatures! I am really looking forward to warm and even hot weather. Hot weather doesn’t brother me. It has been a long cool spring.

Soon hot wether will be here and I will forget the cold. Next year though, we are definitely going to take a break from the cold sometime in late Winter or Spring!

Now there is less than a month before Summer, which is great, but it also means the days start getting shorter and we descend into Winter again!

Memorial Day is coming up. I always remember Memorial Day because we went to Soldier, Kansas on that day.

I believe the Community still serves a meal on Memorial Day and have a wonderful meeting room and park. I don’t know how they maintain everything.

It was a nice break for us, it wasn’t really that far of a trip from where we lived, but I always remember the trips.

Three years ago we had just gotten back from our trip to China and were still recovering from that. It was a wonderful trip and I still am going through the pictures I have taken.

The WiFi was out (or at least not responding well) this morning and I was reminded again of how dependent we are now on the internet, fast shipping and, especially, electricity. Of course, add the smart phone etc. and we are really dependent on others.

I recently read about “battery packs” for houses, where a house could generate electricity from the sun or wind and store it in a battery etc.

I understand it isn’t efficient yet (except in Hawaii), but the time is getting close when it will be feasible to at least partially go “off the grid”.

One thing I like about the city I live in is it has it’s own electric company. Electric companies are so interdependent on other electric companies, it doesn’t really mean a lot except if you do have a severe outage, I figure there is more ion a chance on having electric service reconnected sooner since they have a smaller area.

Of course, the bigger electric companies have more personnel and equipment also, so it probably balances out.

My experiences with private companies (I am referring to the national corporate ones) haven’t made me much of an admirer of private companies. I think I know the reasons while they have problems, they are just inefficient and are more concerned with stock prices or fees then they are about providing good customer service.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 24, 2017.


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