2017 Spring May 25 Thursday

59 degrees this morning, walk 35:43 minutes

“Cool” 59 degrees this morning. Wind was up a little. Pace was 24 seconds slower than my goal, maybe it has something to do with the cold.

Listening to the book “To Hell and Back” during my walk, the quote “Man always have to have his scapegoats” struck me.

It is certainly true of any dictator or demagogue who panders to the lower than animal instincts in human beings. Add in trying to demonize the news media and you have a truly unqualified and incompetent lying bully as president.

Add in the lying and the attempting to tear down people personally, the corruption etc. and it is a very scary situation.

They lying bully’s family is almost even more scary, especially the slum landlord son in law and his opportunistic daughter who sees it as a change to make money and the nazi leaning president bannon, the criminal EPA head Pruitt who sold out to the oil and gas companies in Oklahoma even, and a truly incompetent like de vice, who shouldn’t be allowed near a school, mush less in charge of education and you have a truly depraved group of people “in charge” of the country.

Unfortunately, there are also a bunch of Senators and Representatives who have no backbone and are welling to sell out to depravity to get what they want, not what is best for the country.

Back to the “scapegoating”, you can certainly see it in the lying bully’s actions, anyone who dares to express an opinion, he attempts to destroy personally because he doesn’t have the capacity to do otherwise. A disgrace.

Thinking about restaurants, where you are only as good as “your last meal”.

Even though we have eaten over 100 meals at the restaurant I recently mentioned where I had the episode with the peanut butter (and I have overlooked much worse), we haven’t been back in probably a month now. It wasn’t necessarily deliberate, we just haven’t been back.

Somewhat like Cracker barrel, they won’t let up substitute a small pancake (even at an extra charge) for the toast/biscuit at breakfast. Also they don’t have peanut butter.

Nothing against those policies, they have their policy and I rarely eat there for that reason. In fact I think it has been a year since I ate at one.

These thoughts all came up because of supper last night. We went to a “casual” dining restaurant, probably “upper casual” which usually has great service and food. The service remained great, the food…..

I ordered fried catfish. In fairness I rarely do since it is difficult to do it right, I normally order grilled or blackened where available. Usually where fried catfish is the only type available I switch to something else, but in this case the catfish sounded good. Supposed to be “lightly braked”. Ha!

Anyway, it was hard to find he catfish meat between the breaded fried exterior, the “glazed carrots” which are usually great were overcooked and soft (but still good, just not as good as usual) and the french fries were soggy. I still ate everything, although I regretted the catfish later.

I may eat there again, but it won’t be the catfish. I shouldn’t be eating french fries anyway.

When I was a manager, I always said (and honestly felt it), “tell me if something is wrong, so I will know and I can correct it”. Did I say anything last night? No I didn’t. One reason is I always get overreactions to mild negative comments. I think I will start say something, if I don’t it will never change. More on this in future days.

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 25, 2017.


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