2017 Spring May 26 Friday

77 degrees this morning, walk 35:03 minutes

Wow! 77 degrees, up from, I believe 59 yesterday! I didn’t know how to dress for such a warm temperature! Yes, I dressed way too warm for it!

Walk itself was good, no real wind. Pace was 2 seconds faster than my goal, so must of my walks are coming right within the basic parameters of my goal pace. Time to ramp it up a little, at least soon.

Sitting outside this morning writing this! The first time this year, which is great! It actually is very comfortable and nice. I had forgotten how nice it is to sit out on the patio.

I have to give “three cheers” to Apple Computers again. My iPhone 5, which we use only for audio books and music basically started to expand out of it’s case.

I took it in and found the battery was expanding (the phone was still working fine). Apparently it was expanding so “it wouldn’t blow up”. Nice to design it like that! i don’t like to think of the alternative of the battery blowing up!

This is actually the first Apple product (going back to my very first iPod Shuffle and my “original iPod”, which I believe is about 10 years old where the battery has gone bad. All of my other products still have a usable battery.

However, what is strange the iPhone 5 still worked fine, and charged fine.

Anyway, I was able to buy a brand new replacement iPhone 5 (not a reconstructed one) for $79. (The iPhone 5S was $399, so that was not an option!). I grabbed at it, since we use it for an audio book and music device, and it is still a good backup phone, (We don’t buy phone service for it, but on WiFi, we can call on Facebook etc. and we can always change over the sim card.)

I realizes it may be out of date soon, but it will run what we need. Actually when the iPhone 8 comes out (or whatever they will call it),I plan on replacing my iPhone 6 so we will have another backup phone

We still have our iPhone 3 and 3S, although we rarely use them for anything any more. Even in Audiobooks, there have just been too many advances.

Actually, I hope to use the iPhone 3 and 3S for monitors (including a “dash cam” for one of the cars) as they will still work for that I am still working through the technical matter of placing the phones, there are plenty of apps for the monitor and the dash cam.

My poor old iPod shuffles and original iPod are almost never used anymore, although I like to know they are there for backup.

it is hard to beat a company that treats you that well and has that good of a quality of product.

Friday of a 3 day weekend! Somehow it doesn’t quite seem like it is Memorial Day yet, but it definitely is here!

Short dream I had yesterday, I am trying to remember my dreams better and write them down, so I’ll make a note of it.

5-25-17 Thursday Dream

Dreamed Aliene and I came back from somewhere and my car was up on a stand like they have in tire shops. I walked up and asked what was going on and they said they’d noticed I had a flat. Thought ti was strange, but woke up.

Before that we were going over a long long bridge, but I can’t remember that part of the dream other than the bridge. How soon we forget!

That’s it for now, Friday, May 26, 2017.


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