2017 Spring May 27 Saturday

75 degrees this morning, walk 35:37 minutes, weights

Good walking weather this morning, still that little chill in the air. I overdressed for the temperature as I tend to do at first.

Tomorrow if the temperature is still the same (and we are supposed to have a “heat wave”, at least for this time of year) I will go to my shorts and t-shirt walking outfit. I am still a little hesitant because of that little bit of chill in the area.

Although I thought I was walking at a fast pace, my pace was actually 20 seconds slower than my goal! (Sigh). I just can’t gauge my pace at all, probably because my mind is elsewhere and I am listening to my book.

A three day weekend is so nice, a little oasis in the desert of the working period. I enjoy my work, but I also enjoy being off of it, especially when I am “completely off”, a concept I haven’t really gotten used to yet in my inner self.

I have this undercurrent that there is something I need to be doing, or that I could be doing etc. It is getting less as time goes by, but still flares up for personal items or projects I have been putting off.

Sitting out on the patio again this morning. Not quite as good as the one at Lakeland, but excellent and enjoyable. It is certainly the best available to me at this time and that is what really matters! That i enjoy what I have.

Got my main printer going again yesterday (I hope). Used an Amazon technician, or one that is contracted through them. So far I have been reasonably pleased with them, certainly with the rate. For a person as mechanically disinclined as I am, such things are a blessing.

For some reason, my manual skills have always been amazingly absent and I have always admired people who can fix a car, or repair a house.

I still am unable to change a tire on a bicycle, although at one time I did become able to change my oil and filter. Of course, the first front wheel drive I got, I couldn’t get the filter back on.

Fortunately, I lived on a hill and was able to let the car go down the hill in neutral (this was probably over 30 years ago) and push it to a gas station where they tried to control their snickers as they put the oil in and filter on.

Obviously, I never tried to change the oil on a car again and I don’t even open the hood if I can avoid it, except maybe to admire how someone could actually come up with an engine like that!

I even try to avoid adding water to my windshield wiper fluid, since one time I got that and antifreeze mixed up!

Anyway, had a really strong dream want to report on:

5-26-17 Friday, Dream

Dreamed I was in a car outside the Harrah Library. several guys were washing my car. I hadn’t asked them too and was wondering if I should tip them or pay them. First I thought there was one, then I realized there was three.

My car was in a driveway and I was actually driving it while they were washing it.

One of the washers looked at me and started laughing saying I had an “eye tooth” in my check. asked him what an “eyetooth” was. He started laughing harder.

Right then there was sudden commotion as two babies were in the medan and people were trying to get them to safely. (There actually is no median on that road but then this was a dream.)

I tried to hit my 4 way hazard blinkers, but couldn’t find them. (as I mentioned, I am mechanically inept)

I found the switch and activated it but then I woke up.

It was a very strong dream, I woke up thinking it was real.

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 27, 2017


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