2017 Spring May 28 Sunday

69 degrees this morning. 35:23 minutes walked

Coolish morning even for 69 degrees. Somehow the break point seems to be in the 68-72 degree range when I need to wear something over my mouth. (To prevent or mitigate coughing from the cool air).

I tried to pick up the pace midway throughout the walk, but still ended up with my pace 9 seconds slower than my goal.

Listening to “To Hell and Back”, Europe between 1914 and 1949. He is discussing the Spanish Civil War. It is of special interest to me since I was in Spain while I was in the Air Force, and Franco was actually still ruling and alive. I saw his future grave site, “The Valley of the Dead”.

I hadn’t realized some aspects of the Spanish Civil War, I’m a little surprised when I think about it that I don’t know more about it, since I was in Spain and the Spanish Civic War actually figures a lot in literature, especially the International Brigades.

I may get a “Great Course” on the Spanish Civil War to catch up on it, apparently it is another matter of countries failing to help Spain due to the Nationalistic trend at the time.

I am amazed at how events of almost (or more than) 100 years ago have such truth now. Scapegoating etc. is still a large part of the political process, as is pandering to the lowest of human emotions instead of trying to be a leader.

Had a dream yesterday I waned to note

5-27-17 Saturday Dream

Dream that I was in some kind of setting where a lot of other people were around (not a dorm , but not a hotel room).

My phone “timer” (which I use for naps kept going off and I couldn’t find the phone to shut it off.

I tried to get it out of my coat packet (a lightweight “favorite” jacket) but couldn’t’ get the pocket open and I was thinking I didn’t want to have to tear up my favorite jacket.

Then I found the phone (don’t recall how I got it out of the jacket, but it was almost like two different phones were ringing) but I couldn’t get it to shut off. I finally smashed it (it was the phone I got a long time ago, actually got it the same day as 9-11-01 or maybe the day before). I thought when I smashed it, ‘“well it was an old phone anyway) without the connection to 911

Suddenly some kind of liquid came out of the phone spreading gall over and I couldn’t pick it up. In this case it was spreading over to cots people were sleeping in, so I felt bad about polluting their “living area”.’

A person I used to work with was in the dream for some reason, other person in the team were, well, dream like and I didn’t know them.

What is strange was I was taking a nap and Aliene woke me up and told me my phone had been going off! (The ring I use for the timer for my naps).

Not sure what it meant or even where I was, but it was a very strong dream. \

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 28 2017


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