2017 Spring May 29 Monday

Memorial Day

59 degrees this morning, 34;03 minute walk.

Have to admit, I didn’t expect it to be this cool this morning, although it was a good walk. I dressed in my “coolish weather” clothes I wear in the about 57 to 66 degree temperature. I still can’t get it figured out as to exactly how to dress.

Sitting out on patio, but just a little too cool and am going in. (Maybe)

Pace was 8 seconds faster than my goal, although I am a little disappointed since I consciously tried to up my pace a little.

Memorial Day today. As I mentioned before, I always remember it because we went to Soldier Kansas on Memorial Day to the Soldier Cemetery..

Also, I feel it is a good to set aside a day to remember and to honor those who prepared the way for us, so to speak.

First outdoor swim of the season yesterday, felt very good! I didn’t realize how much I had missed swimming. i expect after the summer I will need to find an indoor swimming pool.

Didn’t wear my Apple Watch (which is waterproof), I didn’t want to get it wet!

Not the YMCA, for sure, the closest one is only a mile away and has a fantastic swimming pool, but it is never available for members! The director abuses the so called “public-private partnership to rent out the pool to make money instead of providing space for members.

Complaints did not good, so we took the only available step and didn’t renew our membership and don’t support the YMCA in anything.

Listening to the book “To Hell and Back” this morning the author noted that businesses didn’t support Hitler until they “realized how many profits they would make” with him as dictator and suddenly they loved him and supported him and of course made a lot of money (for a couple of years until the country self-destructed).

Sound familiar? Sounds like the lying bully’s program.

Of course, according to the book Dark Money all of the kook brothers money was made by the father building infrastructure for Hitler and Stalin. Made a lot of money, but I wonder how many lives were lost because of his “profitable” work the his sons continue to use for evil purposes and attempts at intimidation and extortion to get their extreme beliefs imposed on everyone.

I expect karma will take it’s course some day.

The last day of a 3 day weekend. It has been a great weekend, and today should be good also. The temperature was around 95 degrees Sunday and in the 80’s yesterday and supposed to be about the same today. Can’t get much better than that.

I don’t know why it is still so cool in the mornings, I don’t remember it being this cool in the mornings this time in the past.

If you have an Apple Watch and use it for exercise, you might heed my story about this. Yesterday morning I went for my walk and didn’t get any information on my walk like I normally do (time, pace, a map of my walk etc.).

I found out that the kids had played with the watch (it very much attracts children who love to play with it). Anyway, somehow they had put it into “airplane mode” which means it didn’t communicate with the iPhone.

I changed it back to “normal” and the watch update the iPhone app and I was able to see my data!

That’s it for now, Monday, May 29, 2017.


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