2017 Spring May 30 2017

63 degrees this morning, walk 34:09 minutes.

Still a little cool this morning at 63 degrees. Pace was 2 seconds slower than my goal.

Actually thought about extending my walk this morning but I have to figure out my time, since almost every minute is committed from the time I wake up until I start work.

While some of this time is committed to naps etc., it still is committed!

Went to the gym over the weekend, since my schedule changed slightly it has been difficult to schedule any time for the gym during the days I work. Or at least at times I want to go. We have avoided going during the busy “after work” hours, but we might have to consider that. Since it is a 24 hour gym (at least during the week), it seems like we could find an hour a day we could go!

Really had an excellent Memorial Day weekend, a good start to summer, although the morning temperature isn’t very summer-like. I tried to sit out on the patio yesterday morning,, and this morning but gave up after several minutes.

The Canon printer is purchased is really an indication that “brick & mortar” retail has a future if they can provide service after the purchase. I will never purchase something like that over the internet again unless here is a convenient service facility nearby. I simply won’t buy anything that does not have a convenient local service facility.

Telephone/e-mail/chat support just doesn’t do it.

Summer plans are starting to firm up, it looks like it will be in an interesting summer. Funny how you can be planning something and flailing about and suddenly everything comes together.

I still remember when I started thinking about going to China, by chance I sat at a table with a person whose business was preparing people for going overseas! While I wasn’t a star client by any means (her primary business was business people who committed lots of money to training someone to go overseas), I was able to get tips and get in contact with someone who helped prepare us for China.

Like they say, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” .

Reading a newsletter which has some interesting theories on how we are all living longer and this is changing our view of work, as well as retirement.

Obviously retirement is changing, I am very lucky that I have a “traditional” retirement plan, which is becoming almost non-existent. The article mentions it won’t be unusual for persons born now to live to 100 and have an active working life much later than the 65 etc.
They mention the entire concept of a “career” may change and companies much adapt their thinking about age.

I can imagine my difference in perspective if I had realize that at age 40, I thought I would still be working at my current age.

Due to the problems with my printer, (I still like to analyze articles like this-at least some aspect-on the printed page), I haven’t analyzed this as well as I plan to do so yet, although I probably need to learn to study articles without having to see it in print.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 30, 2017.


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