2017 Spring May 31 Wednesday

67 degrees this morning Walk 35:28 minutes

Reasonably good walk this morning, tend to dress too warm when the temperature is in the 60’s.

Saw 3 cars this morning during my walk, which is kind of like Grand Central Station when I see that many vehicles. Usually don’t see any, which makes me happy! Especially with the sprinkler systems that spray the sidewalk at the time I walk.

Pace this morning was 18 seconds slower than my goal. I believe my goal now is to eventually meet or be faster than my goal.

Called Canon on the Canon printer. Found out it wasn’t close enough to the router! Hard to believe that is still a problem with all of the technology improvements.

As they say, they put a man on the moon almost 60 years ago and yet they can’t make a printer that works on wifi in a medium size house?

What is strange, we have a couple of $40 printers we got was transition printers that work find on the wifi and yet a $300 printer doesn’t work on wifi? As they say, something doesn’t compute!

It may just be that technology isn’t as good as they try to make out when they sell a product and they overhype technology. I see this all the time in apps, devices etc. The technology isn’t at the point they frequently imagine, leading to disappointment and disappointment for consumers.

I have to wonder at some of the “reviews” I read for cell phones, iPads and similar devices. The reviews miss the point, I don’t buy a device or even if it has a lot of “gee whiz” features I will never use, or even figure out for that matter.

I buy Apple products because I know they will back them up and they are reasonably reliable, in fact I rarely have a problem with them. (I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t live near an Apple Store.) I bought one of the $50 Kindles and it didn’t even last out the guarantee period and, worse yet, there does not appear to be any support. It isn’t that it doesn’t work, many parts of it still work, but there are parts that are just unacceptable workmanship or performance.

Another dream to report, this one actually from Monday:

5-29-17 Dream

Dreamed I was going to a meeting in some large city (I believe Indianapolis). We (Aliene and I) went downtown to our hotel.

We went to a Dollar General (this was in Oklahoma City) and suddenly the lights went out and we were told we had to immediately evacuate the store. It was part of a huge concrete mall type facility with a huge parking area.

We went to our hotel. For some reason we directly from the street into an elevator that went directly to our floor.

On the floor the lights ere out again and I wondered around for a while looking for my room and wondered into the ICMA conference which I was apparently attending.

I walked past the registration desk and say a City Manager I have known since my first job with a city and said “I see you at every conference”. (it is true, in one of those strange coincidences I see him almost the first thing at every conference) He said something like “yes I take a lot of vacations here”.

I woke up.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 31, 2017.


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