2017 Spring June 1 Thursday

73 degrees this morning, walk 34:35 minutes

Still relatively “cool” 73 degrees. Walk this morning was good.

June 1. It is actually difficult to note that it is already June of 2017. Yesterday, I even wrote 2017 and wondered if I actually was correct for a second, thought maybe it was still 2016. Of course I knew better, and it was only for a second, but I was surprised I actually got confused by it.

Filed for Social Security, I guess that makes me an official “old geezer” or “Senior Citizen”, or whatever. I don’t really care, I’ll take it!

I have to say, the Social Security systems and Medicare systems have been wonderful to work with, very efficient, very responsive, almost a pleasure to work with. I am impressed.

I really thought it would take me forever to apply, but the people I talked with were knowledgable, pleasant, and very responsive. I also did it almost all on-line and the on-line forms were very easy.

I think they actually are doing it right. i’m sure there are some problems, like anything, but overall they did an outstanding job for me.

Sprinkler system repaired yesterday. I have a feeling that is going to be a yearly ritual, thank goodness we have what I feel is a good repair person. I really don’t think all the money spent on lawn care is worth it (by the time you add sprinkler systems, mowing, spraying for weeds etc. you have a major investment).

So far this year, it has rained enough, so not using the sprinkler system hasn’t really made any difference, just saved us some money on wasted water!

All of that money basically to grown something that doesn’t want to grow in this climate anyway. I am a big fan of indigenous plants, but really don’t know enough about it to do it. Maybe I will learn some time, although my early gardening time when I was growing up have never made me want to have a “hobby” of gardening or lawn care.

Actually of course most of my my first jobs as a teenager involved mowing lawns. My fight with lawnmowers started early, and, quite frankly, the lawnmowers won. I never met a lawnmower I liked or that operated well for me.

Of course, I also never learned to maintain a lawnmower, other than change the oil. For years I had an electric lawn mower because I hated gas lawnmowers so much (getting them started etc.)

Actually the last lawnmower I had actually generally worked ok.

An early indication of my complete lack of mechanical ability. Actually, if I really take the time I can do mechanical things, but it isn’t easy and it takes a lot of time.

I think I finally went along with the concept (which actually is a concept and I have read books about it and actually attended training course on it) to “improve what you do best, and don’t worry about trying to improve what you don’t do well”.

It is said much more elegantly, but that is basically what it means. I have to agree everyone has certain talents and maybe your time is better spent improving the things you do well rather than worrying about what you don’t do well.

Like anything, that can be taken to extremes, some things you have to do whether you are good at it or not, but I think the overall concept is good.

I assume the problem is if, for example, I can’t change a bicycle tire, I just have to deal with the fact I will do a lot of waiting for bicycle tires to be fixed. But, at least now, AAA will come pick me up!

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 1, 2017.


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