2017 Spring June 2 Friday

67 degrees this morning, walk 34;37 minutes

Walk this morning was coolish again, but ok. Pace was 11 seconds below the goal. As long as I am below my (faster than) my goal that is good.

Summer is certainly here during the day, but the nights are still cold, not just pleasantly cool.

Friday already, although it is a 4 day work week.

One thing I like about my job is I enjoy the “office days”, but I also enjoy the “field days”.

Listening to “To Hell and Back”, about Europe from 1914 to 1949, I am struck again that we appear not to have learned anything, so called “leaders” are scapegoating bully cowards , attempting to blame persons based on stereotypes etc. and the persons who are supposed to represent the states etc. are showing a substantial lack of courage and backbone.

How in the world do they ignore blatant lies and disparagement of “opponents”. (and then of course scream when someone does the slightest “return favor” to them)?

I am sure in the future people will look back and wonder “what were they thinking” and “how could they be such cowards”?

Certainly all of our state’s Senators and Representatives are displaying a despicable lack of courage and leadership, nothing but sheep who follow a lying bully over the edge of the cliff. Hopefully it will be “their last term” and they all are defeated if they run for re-election.

Certainly I can look back over my life and find episodes where I wonder “what was I thinking”, but at least I hope I learned from that.

Going on our annual trek to the CMA Fest. We have actually probably gone for about 15 years now, it is really hard to believe we have been to that many. We enjoy them, as well as get frustrated about some parts of them, but that is kind of what life is like.

We especially like the variety of old and new (although we may not like all of the “old” or the “new”, it is still interesting to see it). Of course like anything, the more popular it has become, the more unwieldy it gets and they have coordination problems.

What I like least about it is the gouging by the hotels and airlines. While you can say they are merely using “supply and demand”, I wonder why “supply and demand” always justifies extremely high prices in times of high demand, but it doesn’t follow with low prices in low demand.

While of course, the hotels can’t quickly add capacity, it seems the airlines could add capacity and make more money instead of gouging passengers, but that seems to be the general attitude of the airline industry to limit capacity and price gouge. The airlines aren’t making any money off us because we are driving rather than pay the price gouging rates.

Dream yesterday, one of those dreams that I wish I could remember more about, as far as why I was have the dream etc.

6-1-1 Thursday

Dream Aliene and I were on a firetruck in a parade.

One of my granddaughters joined us. She smiled like she does sometimes, and Aliene said “now you’re letting us see thedimples”. As th parade continued, we jumped off the fire truck and walked behind it.

It all seemed so real with a breeze blowing, trees etc.

Don’t remember anything else.

Don’t know the reason for the parade etc.

That’s it for now, Friday, June 2 2017


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