2017 Spring June 3 Saturday

2017 Spring June 3 Saturday

70 degrees this morning. Walk 34:42 minutes

Good walk this morning. Two seconds faster than goal. (A win is a win!) Thought it may be little cool yet, but it was nice and I overdressed for it.

The weather makes me ponder on the “incremental” changes we incur.

A primary example is the weather. For example at what point is it “too cold” or “too hot’. Or in my case what is the difference between 69 degrees and 70 degrees, and at what point to I add a layer of clothes or remove a layer?

These are not just meaningless considerations, since if I dress wrong, I can be uncomfortable for the entire walk.

For example, the difference between 32 degrees and 60 degrees is immediately noticeable, but from 59 to 60 is a small difference.

Actually, I kind of consider 69 degrees the point at which I don’t wear head gear (that is something around my mouth and a stoking cap for warmth) and probably 78 before I start wearing shorts and t-shirt without some kind of light jacket.

I could give numerous examples, but I think the concept is worth thinking about and testing. While the temperature is relatively trivial, there are a lot of considerations you can make.

Another thought is when do you sell (or buy) a stock? There isn’t a lot of difference between a stock at $50 and a stock at $51 (except for the obvious it is $51 inseam of $50), but at some point you make a decision to buy or sell based on an incremental change.

For example, even if a stock goes from $10 to $100, it is unlikely that any single change is more than $1 at most, but what stops you from selling (or buying) at $49 (or $51), since it is only a small incremental change?

I guess it could be summed in the quote “the straw that broke the Camel’s back”. Seems that needs to be updated a little.

Another very strong dream to report on.

6-2-Friday, Dream

Dreamed I was in an old house on a corner, with weeds growing up. The house was on a high hill with steep sides.

I was trying to get a mower from the porch of the house down to a utility shed by the street. I was in the yard and followed to the house by a young boy who I thought was going to ask for money.

Instead he pushed the mower down to the building for me and mentioned about the weeds.

He helped move several other items.

Aliene came back and we went into the house. I mentioned I going to give the boy some money for helping, saying “can I buy you lunch” or something like that and offering the money.

I looked at one dollar bill and said, You ca’t even buy a coke with that and then only if you’re lucky, i need to give him least $5. (Hopefully I am not as cheap in real life as I was in the dream!)

Aliene agreed, but before I saw him again I woke up.

The house was right at a 4 way intersection with streets of dirt, and old dogs running around.

The yard was unkept, with a rickerty old fence, but it wasn’t like it was a bad area or even a low income area.

A lot of people around, although the boy and Aliene were the only ones I focused on.

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 3, 2017


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