2017 Sprig June 4 Sunday

70 degrees this morning, Walk 26:13 minutes (started raining during walk, had to cut it short)

As noted, got caught in the rain this morning, a very light shower, but it started getting heavier, so I headed back. I was about at the point of turning to the point where it is furtherest from my house. The rain actually started to get heavier, although it was still light.

Pace was only 7 seconds faster than my goal, which surprised me a little since I broke into a partial run several times when it looked like it was going to start raining harder.

Of closure, I think as soon as I got back, it quit raining or at least didn’t get any worse.

Again, dressed a little too heavy for the temperature, but better that then too light.

I am getting tired of machines, apps and computers trying to tell me what to do!

I had a “language app” that tried to act like it was a drill instructor (forget it!, I’m don’t respond well to that!), “My Fitness Pal” tries to tell you whats good for you etc. and nags you. In response I just quit using them!

What I am really tired of is my Apple Watch trying to set “goals” for me. I don’t need the watch telling me goals while I’m walking etc. Probably operator error on my part that “goals” got set, but it is very irritating to have to work around it when I simply want the time, distance and pace of my walk!

Like a lot of things, I just need to take the time to sit down and figure it out.

After a delay of several years (yes years!), I am getting the scanner set up so that Aliene can start scanning her family pictures and we can start scanning stuff rather than saving paper. Main purpose at first is to get the pictures scanned.

Same with the Apple watch. When I first got it, I took the time to sit down and decide how everything (well that I wanted anyway) worked and figured it out. One thing I didn’t do was figure out how to eliminate the “goals” in the walking and cycling apps!

I think I am finally getting the hang of the printer, although I still am dismayed that either the router or printer or both are so poorly made in supposedly technological advanced times that the printer actually can’t prick up the routers signals in the same house!

If I had known what I know now, I would get a “bluetooth” printer.

One thing I have to say about Amazon is that they have been active in providing inexpensive installation of printers, scanners, computers etc.

To me, that is something “brick and mortar” retail stores should be doing. They have an excellent opportunity to provide excellent and helpful customer service and somehow they keep dropping the ball.

Not that I don’t empathize with retail businesses, I see the impact of the internet and other challenges for small businesses every day. They have a lot of challenges, including the obligation to commit a lot of time to their business.

One of the frustrations of my current job is dealing with bureaucracy, especially incompetent elected state legislatures who are more committed to their donors and their extreme positions than the people who elected them. I think it is the term limits, people run for office with the idea of what they can get for themselves, not for the good of the state.

I also have to say that the huge corporations are just as difficult to deal with . I really wonder how some of them stay in business and, of course, many of them don’t.

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 4, 2017.


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