2017 Spring June 5 Today

70 degrees this morning Walk 35:55 minutes

Still in the neither really cold nor really warm area of 70 degrees. Pace was 21 seconds slower than my goal pace, which is about as slow as it has been.

I never can really seem to judge my speed all that well, although I realized I was on a slow pace this morning.

-Friday marked 2 years 11 months since we moved to this area and 2 years 9 months since I stared my current job.

As I have noted before, it seems like forever or seems like a short time depending on the perspective I look at it.

Got the flatbed scanner set up. I am impressed with what it does, and also am very impressed with the desktop computer. Mentally I am reconsidering not buying another desktop, it is very impressive even though it is approximately 7 year old and has become somewhat obsolete.

I have gotten used to my laptop and forgotten how nice a desktop is, with the problem that you are somewhat anchored in one place.

I am considering using the iPad Pro as my laptop and getting a good desktop. I will have some time to work with ii (desktop) and see what works and what doesn’t.

We decided to digitalize most of our pictures and records, although I’m not sure what we will do with our physical records (especially pictures). Of course all of our current pictures are digital and we rarely print a copy. It is just the action of destroying the physical pictures and records.

It is strange how our perceptions have changed concerning pictures, books, newspapers and magazines. Of course you could also add mail to that.

I think e-mail (and more recently texting) has become so ingrained in our culture and our communications, we don’t even think about writing a letter any more. Not bemoaning progress, it is certainly a lot simpler and more effective, much faster etc.

My only concern is that you used to send a letter and not expect an answer for a week. With e-mail you might not expect an answer for several hours. With texting, you kind of expect an immediate response or at least a rapid response.

I wouldn’t want to go back, that is for sure, but I also think we need to reconsider the response rate expected.

Another dream:

6-4-17; Sunday dream

Dreamed in a farm house type of house. Didn’t live there, just visiting.

Lot of cats.

My last part of the dream I was sitting down when a cat came right beside me and grabbed a small blue mouse and started to kill it.

I got up and told my sister I thought cats were viscous and dirty the way they played with mice.

It seemed like I was talking to a big mouse or big gerbal or something and I was surprised they didn’t do something about the cat (remember this is a dream!).

Don’t recall what else went on before that, but it was a very active dream.

That’s it for now, Monday, June 5 2017.


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