2017 Spring June 6 Tuesday

68 degrees this morning, walk 35:02 minutes.

Still a relatively coolish 68 degrees, at least when I walk. Pace was 4 seconds below my goal. I wonder if I lowered my goal if it would increase my pace, or if I would just miss my goal all the time?

The danger of setting a artificially high goal that is difficult to achieve is that you might just mentally ‘give up” and not even try to reach your goal. Some thing, different verse if you make it too easy, it doesn’t challenge you enough or maybe I should say prepare you enough.

The fact that I both beat and don’t beat the goal probably shows it is a realistic goal..

Yesterday it was a relatively mild 86 degrees or so during the day. However, the (I assume) high humidity made it really seem hot or maybe I should say unpleasant..

Apple computer released some new/updated products yesterday. I haven’t really had a chance to look at what they discussed, but it sounds interesting. I am especially interested in the iPad and the updated iMac. I really haven’t decided if I might want to go with the 10” iPad or wait for the 12” iPad.

We are getting ready to start on our final phase of “moving in”, digitalizing some pictures and hopefully reducing some of our stored items. I’m hoping I can digitalize a lot of my records also, things I don’t use much.
I also need to continue “weeding” my t-shirts to make the t-shirt quit. I started off with the easy ones, although I have a lot of easy decisions as far as shirts t include in the quilt and also shirts I don’t want to include.

Of course there are still a lot of “maybe” shirts also that I have to decide on. I expect it will just come down to making a decision and doing it.

Another dream:

6-5-17 Monday dream

Dreamed I in my present job but not actually working at the time.

In a house where hair was being cut. Aliene and I thought we had a lost little girl on our hands, but then she went to get her haircut and told the hair stylist she was “Mrs Womack”. I’m not quite sure what made me thingof

Someone I knew a long time ago in Toastmasters (actually not a hair stylist in real life) told me sho could get me in for a hair cut, but I didn’t want to make an appointment with her.

The next scene Aliene and I were going someplace on a dirt road, and as we started downhill, the caboose on a speeding train flashed in front of us as the train rushed by.

There were no signals or gates in the road or railroad gates.

It was a strange sensation to watch the train go rushing by, I’m not sure why.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 6, 2017.


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