2017 Spring June 7 Wednesday

60 degrees this morning.

Woke up this morning, our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Certainly one of the best decisions I every made! Fortunately Aliene feels the same!

Looking back to that day, 20 years ago I realize time really does fly. We had a very fun wedding, with a Wedding Rehearsal dinner that included us dancing on the street after the dinner!

We always say that many years we celebrate out Anniversary with 45,000 other people, even thought we may be the only ones that know it is our Anniversary. Actually this year we won’t on our specific anniversary since the CMA Fest doesn’t start until tomorrow.

It seems strange that it was been a year since we took this trip, almost to the day. Somehow much has not changed, including frequently the people, but also we note changes. We are staying at a hotel we have been staying at for 15 years now, which I find almost as difficult to believe as being married 20 years!

I always liked this trip, I think of it almost as a great music composition, with the wide open spaces, than the beautiful Ozark areas, then the wide open rice fields, and then crossing the mighty Mississippi.

Like great music, I experience it, but I can’t describe it in words. Almost like the wonderful experiences during our 20 year marriage, it is impossible to put our experiences into words. We have had a true tapestry of emotions, feelings and experiences during the past 20 years.

Until we started traveling through Arkansas, I had never really thought much about the state, perhaps somewhat assuming some of the Kansas and Oklahoma jokes were true. They are truly wonderful people, especially in the area we stay in, but I get a feeling of warmth and acceptance all throughout the state.

Actually, people are pretty much like that anywhere. I can remember the helpfulness of people in Chicago, one lady literally took us by the hand and took us to the right “L” train in Chicago! I will never forget that.

Every city seems to have it’s own personality, obviously with the usual variety of individuals. I will always remember Pittsburgh, Penn. and Detroit, Michigan being especially friendly and helpful, perhaps because somehow I expected otherwise! They are both wonderful cities, Pittsburgh nicely recovering and transforming itself, and Detroit is well on it’s way.

I never realize how much I miss traveling until I do it! Something about the long open road or traveling through airports could easily be addictive. However, every time I leave I also regret missing the fabric of our daily lives.

I realize you can’t have both, at least at the same time, but you can experience both and it is nice to welcome one and come back to the other.

This will be a day of memories and new experiences, as we also start our 21st year and 3rd decade together!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 7, 2017.


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