2017 Spring June 8 Thursday

59 degrees this morning.

Aa trip along memory lane yesterday. Memories both since we were married and also some of our experiences that we continue. I don’t like to say “past life” or something like that since what we do now is a continuation, not a segmented life (or something like that).

Strange how I suddenly realized how much I missed a desktop computer and Apple comes out with a major upgrade in their desktop computers! (Literally within the week!) May be a message there!

Actually, I was surprised when I started using the desktop computer again (which is showing signs of 6 year old or so obsolete behavior, but is still a good computer) when I was setting tip the scanner and realized how nice it was to have a full monitor, separate mouse etc. and a big keyboard. Again, the big monitor is wonderful.

However, at the same time, even iPhones, or even the Apple Watch are relatively easy to read entire stores or books on. I guess variety and the ability to choose is wonderful.

The swimming pool is open early here (which is wonderful) and also open late for “adults only” which is also wonderful although I feel a little guilty, although I’m not sure what child would be swimming after 10 p.m.

Actually, usually we wouldn’t be either but the major concert always extends late into the evening (actually later than we stay, since we normally leave early since sometimes it extends several hours past our normal bedtime, plus we avoid he horrid traffic, or when we take the shuttle bus, the crowd.

While I plan on enjoying the indoor swimming pool here, I actually have access to several “outdoor” pools at home that I need to figure out time to use! Maybe one of the joys of this event for us is a release from the tyranny of time!

It does feel good to realize we don’t HAVE to be anyplace at any specific time! We may want to be etc, but if we miss something, there is plenty of other events!

One of the things we really like about this event is the variety. We can see singers we like, but we also get to experience new performers, some we like, some we don’t, but it is nice to have the variety and the occasional very pleasant surprise of a new artist, a new event etc.

Actually, we were thinking of the different products we use from contact with them (advertising by free products, but maybe that is the most effective products).

Based on this event, I have actually learned to like “short” socks from free socks I got here, a new type of underwear (perhaps enough on that), hot sauce, yogurt, and of course all types of new performers and music.

We realized how many times we had been going here when some of the performers we saw as “new” (such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood etc.) are now established stars and have been for some time.

We normally have managed to stay downtown and take a shuttles back to the motel, but this year we will be driving and/or taking Uber or more likely, Lyft, probably a combination of driving and taking shuttle buses (part of the ticket) and Uber/Lyft cars for shorter parts.

We have been to enough of these (we actually are not sure how many, but we think about 15) that we know you can’t do everything, so we don’t even try. We actually enjoy ourselves a lot more just relaxing and not trying to do everything! Actually, this is when I really enjoy having a job I can truly “get away” from and not feel like I need to check back or be available all the time.

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 8 2017.


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