2017 Spring June 9 Friday

55 degrees this morning

One of the frustrating things about hotels is their poor internet connections. Every day, I am required to “sign in” (why they can’t connect you for the entire stay, I don’t know).

Of course, as happens with a lot of websites, it won’t recognize my password (or my login, I never know which). I can input the same thing numerous times and then suddenly it recognizes it.

They should be able to do better and it wastes a lot of time.

Usual mixups yesterday, I was told to get my parking pass at one place and then was told another place. Of course, they directed me to a parking lot that charged $25 for parking! No thanks! We went back and took a Lift car.

What I really hate about this event and city is the horrid price gouging by the hotels, airlines, parking etc. Food is about the only place where they don’t just gouge as much as they can. I realize “Free Market” and all that, but it seems they would have some shame about it.

In fact, I really feel like the hotel has set up the internet to be difficult hoping it will force you to buy their internet package. (It is supposed to be free for us). Fortunately I can connect to my phone and I have enough capacity it doesn’t really cost me any extra. However, it still wastes a lot of time.

Social Security signup was “successful” so to speak. I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient Social Security is.

I do get tired of people talking about “government bureaucracy” problems, not so much because it is true, but because big corporation bureaucracy is frequently even worse. I deal with “corporate offices” all the time, and believe me, I would much rather deal with a government bureaucracy, they get a lot more done and are a lot more responsive. Obviously there are exceptions on both sides.

I think the problem is that “big business” anymore has literally no oversight by anyone. The stockholders don’t really have any control, except for the “Big” organization just like the “big business” and they are looking strictly at how much money they can rip off, not in being responsive to customers or the public.

Unfortunately, the current atmosphere is to reduce oversight and let companies rip off the public at will and probably create another financial crisis in a few years again, as well as environmental and other problems.

Of course, I don’t have any answers either! I try to “vote” both for elected officials and “vote” with my money, but it really doesn’t have an impact. Fortunately, I don’t dwell on it, other than rant about it occasionally.

The legislature of this state, in an obvious “pay for play” from the oil companies and road contractors passed a tax (they call it a “fee”) on hybrid and electric cars. I wouldn’t have major problem with that, except it has no relation to how much you drive etc. and they still don’t tax big trucks etc. for the damage they actually do. It was strictly aimed at hybrids and electrics. Hopefully someone will file a lawsuit that it is a tax and not a fee.

Looking forward to another day of vacation. As I mentioned before, I am still getting used to the idea of now having to check back with the office or check my business e-mail every few hours etc!

That’s it of now, Friday, June 9, 2017.


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