2017 Spring June 10 Saturday

62 degrees this morning.

CMA Fest continues. It is interesting how any event, multi-day conference etc. soon develops it’s own personality and flow and it basically assumes a character and life of it’s own. There is a certain rhythm that develops, especially when an event is 3 or 4 days.

Read the other day about how the lying bully may attempt to manufacture an “emergency” that would “require” him to suspend the enforcement of the Courts, free press etc., much like Hilter etc. He is doing so much else like Hilter (scapegoating certain groups, the “big lie”, he lies so much people are now ignoring the fact that he is a delusional liar etc.) that it could easily happen, or at least attempt to happen.

Hopefully in that case, instead of kow towing to him, some of the elected officials will develop a backbone. Currently it just amazes me how supposedly responsibility people try to excuse his lies. A lie is a lie.

Hopefully our almost 250 years of resisting corruption, tyranny and dictators will continue.

One major problem with the CMA Fest (for us) is that many of the events are outside and we are not “sit it the sun” people so we miss many of the events. Of course that is true in almost any event like this.

The influence of the Smart Phone etc. is really amazing over the past years we have been here and at all conferences. For the most part “paper” has been eliminated whether it is more convenient or not. In most cases it is, depending on the quality of the “app” etc.

The app for this even is ok, but not all that good, which creates some problems and I did find “hard” copy of events and times etc. that helps out.

Also, it has helped a lot by providing a better means of communication, change of events etc.

The year International City Manager Association conference used to use a lot of paper for handouts, agendas etc., and now literally everything is digital. It makes it a lot better for everyone, assuming everything works.

Yesterday, we hit the limits of technology for awhile, as I couldn’t get a signal downtown (either due to the amount of internet traffic, or booking by buildings etc.) to get a “Lyft” car and I realized the limits of technology! All it takes is a weak signal (or no signal) to completely destroy your plans!

Of course in this case we walked to an area that had a signal.

Even then, the Lyft and Uber cars are only supposed to pick up in certain designated areas.

As all people do when confronting by tyranny of bureaucracy of either government, business or technology, we simply asked for a Lift car and she came to us regardless of where we were “supposed” to be picked up, by calling and asking us where we really were. It was obviously not an uncommon thing to do!

I am actually getting plenty of exercise in (including my morning swim), but I still miss the routine of my morning walk. However, on the other hand it feels liberating to not do it also!

The event continues, although day staring to wake up.

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 10, 2017.


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