2017 Spring June 11 Sunday

67 degrees this morning

I always am a little surprised by how fast something you have been anticipating for a long time is suddenly over. Last day of the CMA Fest.

That is true of a lot of such events, we anticipate them and then suddenly they are past and we change our attention to anticipating another event or whatever.

That was actually a major realization in my life. It has been years ago now, but I suddenly realized I was “living for the future” and not experiencing the present as perhaps I should. (“Living in the Future” as in not simply experiencing the present. It is hard to explain, or maybe it is one of those things that can’t be explained but have to be experienced.)

Obviously I realize we have to plan for the future, but I think I realized if I was not “living in the present” as well as planning for the future, I was “living in the future” (or the past, and I rarely do that).

Anyway, I think it has considerations such as buy a house now (if that is a goal) if it is an appropriate time to do so, taking a vacation to experience something you have always wanted to experience (or place to see etc.)

However, I feel the main goal is just to experience the present as it is, good or bad, and learn from it and not always be consumed about the future. I may not be making much sense but sometimes I learn by trying to explain!

On another subject, whenever I attend a concert etc. I am always surprised at how many people know all the words to a song etc. Most of the time, I’m not even sure what the words are, much less memorized the words.

Actually current radio etc. has been good because now I at least realize who the group or singer is. And with the Internet, if I really want to know the lyrics, I can find them.

I’m not sure if it is a matter of lack of attention, or if it just wasn’t/isn’t a priority. It’s not that I”m not aware of many of the words, I just couldn’t recite them, although I don’t know many of the words.

In a way, I think the singer is being lazy by not performing and expecting the crowd to sing the lyrics. I came to hear them sing, not provide the entertainment myself.

On the other hand, I realize it is probably a way of the crowd interacting with the performer also or vice versa.

I was always surprised by how many young “street people” were in Nashville until I thought about they reason. They make a “gamble it all” decision on getting into music and moving here and some of them may not succeed like they expected or even are not able to make a living.

As we found out, there are few food servers here etc., but the person serving you is actually a singer, songwriter etc., who just hasn’t found the right gig yet or is between them.

In aa way, I think the positive attitude (that “I will eventually make it”) is good, as long as it doesn’t lead to the person feeling their lack of success means there life is a failure and they can’t be happy doing something else.

Frequently a performer at the major night concert will say “last year (or two years ago etc.) I was sitting out there with you” and express their appreciation for their success to the fans. Whether they mean it or not, it is good to hear them say it.

As I say, this is a city where the “Wheel of Fortune” is important and you need to be available if it selects you.

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 11, 2017.


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