2017 Spring June 12 Monday

74 degrees this morning.

CMA Fest 2017 is over and we will be back to usual routine today, as we travel that very familiar road (I-40) we have traveled so much over rate past 16 years.

This will be our longest drive since almost exactly a year ago, when we took the same drive!

Somehow, completely unknown how to us, we left a big “bright pink” bag in our room last year and had to have it sent to our house! The hotel was very nice about sending it at a nominal cost!

How we missed it, we don’t know, since we routinely double and triple check! It was literally a big loud pink bag!

I just realized this morning that “Summer” will soon be here, which means the “longest day” of the year will soon be here and then the descent into Winter starts again and the cycle continues.

However, as I discussed yesterday, at least I have learned to enjoy the Summer while it is here and not worry about the Winter to come (well, not that much!). Actually, Summer here lasts until mid-November (my definition), but then the coolness lasts so long, almost Memorial Day this year.

However, in any event, I know I can enjoy summer like weather for several months and that is good. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to Summer weather to get here, but Winter weather lasts for so long!

We will get away someplace next Spring to a place where it is hot and take a break from the cold!

We shared the last night of CMA Fest with the Nashville Predators (a hockey team) game, game 6 of the Stanley Cup. We became temporary fans while we were here, there was so much support for the Predators in Nashville, it was hard to not be for them to win!

They had to win tonight or they were eliminated. (Sadly, they lost!).

We knew they had lost by the long faces and how quiet all of the fans were as they walked back to their cars or transportation. It apparently got over a few minutes before we left the concert.

Here, many people park several miles away from either the events they attend and walk over a long bridge to their parked cars.

Ever since we visited Pittsburgh and enjoyed it so much, I usually pull for their teams, unless, of course, they are playing a team I support. In this case, a Tennessee team would obviously have preference anyway.

I wouldn’t have wanted to be seen wearing another hockey teams shirt or hat over the weekend!

Heading out soon.

That’s it for now, Monday, June 12, 2017


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