2017 Spring June 14 Thursday

78 degrees this morning. No walk, thunder and lightning in area (actually didn’t rain)

Usually when weather prevents me from walking, I feel a guilty sense of pleasure, a short vacation so to speak. While I enjoy my walk, I also enjoy having a break occasionally, I feel I have enough breaks from weather, sometimes my schedule etc. so I don’t schedule or take breaks ‘just because I need one”.

However, since I had just come off of a “break” from my regular walking schedule of 6 days, I am ready for walking!

Also, I enjoy walking a lot more in this type of temperature, where I don’t have to bundle up, so I hate to miss any opportunities!

Sitting on the patio this morning writing this. It is wonderful. The wind is slightly too strong, but it is pleasantly warm, the birds are singing etc.

Hoping to get started on our scanning project today, where we digitalize our photos and many of our records. We are starting with the photos (there are a lot of them).

As with any type of storage of filing, it’s not what system you use, it is what is the easiest to find after a period of time when you’ve had a chance to forget what you did! If you make it too complicated, you probably won’t do it, if you make it too simple, it may bet too simple to find anything after you’ve had a chance to forget where you filed everything!

I always tend to have fewer categories, with a variety of information in each category. Computers have made filing a lot easier (you can have more than one copy, or more than one original for that matter) and if nothing else I can search the computer for a word or phrase.

Actually, the simplest “filing system” I have found is the # hash tag and similar concepts. As long as I get the # right and don’t make it so simple that there are a lot of the same, it works will when the program allows it, such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.

Another project I need to get back on is taking pictures of my Hot Wheels cars. I am trying to find better lighting etc., but I may just have to do as well as I can and realize the documentation is my objective, not having beautiful pictures.

Ditto with my hat project, where I am trying to take pictures of all of my hats. (I am talking mainly about “baseball” hats. My hats do have somewhat of a system, I have the hats I have either never worn or that I wear a little. Then I have the hats that I am currently wearing that are washed and still looking good. Then there are the hats are are showing the washes, and the wear etc. Then there are the ones that I usually wouldn’t be seen in public wearing, but I might wear for exercise etc. Then there are the ones that should be thrown away, but I keep anyway!

While I realize the object itself has little or no value, or may even have a negative value (the time and trouble it takes to store etc.), there is a lot of value in the memories of each hat (and t-shirt etc.) that it reminds you of when you see it. As an example, I keep one old decrepit hat, it is literally falling apart and doesn’t even have any writing on it, but I keep it because it reminds of a trip that Aliene and I took that we really enjoyed, and it is one of the few (and maybe the only) baseball style hat she bought for herself and she liked it.

Field day today, the first one for over a week. It is supposed to get into the temperature area of 95 degrees, so I know Summer weather is finally here!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 14, 2017.


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