2017 Spring June 15 Thursday

78 degrees this morning, walk 36:26 minutes

The “walking” time is actually incorrect, I forgot to shut off the watch until after I was done for awhile. Probably actually about a minute less. Obviously my pace was also incorrect.

Apparently not having walked for awhile (except for Tuesday morning), and my mind on other things, I just forgot until I had been in the house for at least a minute probably more.

Temperature was excellent for the walk. I also am sitting on my patio again, enjoying it. It is really an excellent morning, with a nice gentle wind.

We are working on ways to make it more enjoyable in the evening. We thought about roofing the patio etc., but that may not be feasible.

Listening ‘To Hell and Back”, a history of Europe from 1914 to 1948, I was surprised to learned that in many countries (including France, Italy etc.) many of the residents started vigilante actions after the war was over against the people who had cooperated with the Nazi’s and Fascists etc.

This included the persons in office and the people who cooperated with them, as well as targeted demographics who had nothing to do with what happened in the war, except share the same demographics etc.

I”m sure I must have heard about it, but somehow it really didn’t rise to my conscious mind. I will do more research on that! One thing about the internet, it makes it reasonably easy to research, although it is more difficult to tell if what your are reading is true or not!

Usually I can find some factual history although I still have the problem of determining what is ‘“acts” and what is opinion.

The “group spirit” which generates action of such mobs has always been interesting, as well as discouraging that people can actually react in that way. Somehow, it seems to happen time and time again.

We have gotten started on our “scanning project”. After realizing one computer was probably too old or obsolete to run the program, we switched and at least got started on the project. Sometimes just getting started is a major accomplishment!

We have boxes and boxes of pictures, documents etc. that we scan, although we are starting off with the pictures.

Looking at replacing the laptop which apparently has accomplished it’s purpose, although we can still use it for a lot of projects.

Buying something like this reminds me of the “Algorithms in Daily Life” book. At which point od we stop and buy it, and how much time should we spend on it etc.

That’s it of now, Wednesday, June 15, 2017.


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