2017 Spring June 16 Friday

2017 Spring June 16 Friday

73 degrees this morning, walk 34:59 minutes

A “cool” 73 degrees this morning. After the 97 degrees yesterday this feels relatively cool, especially in the early morning. Actually it felt cold at times!

Once I change my walking clothes to “Summer”, I usually don’t change back. I thought about changing back to “cool weather” clothes for walking this morning, but I really couldn’t bring myself to do so.

Pace was about 16 seconds slower than my goal, which surprised me, I had thought I was walking a faster pace.

Researching another computer, primarily a computer to replace our desktop. I hadn’t even really thought about replacing our desktop until a few weeks ago, I had kind of thought we just wouldn’t replace it.

However, I started working on it some as part of the scanning project and I thinksd a desktop can come in handy for some programs. Also, it provides a different experience.

Actually I can see the laptop being replaced by the iPad, the the desktop used as appropriate for some programs.

I have’t done my checking as to when exactly Summer will begin, but I will do so soon. As I have noted, it is somewhat of a bittersweet moment, as it is the longest day of daylight of the year, but also means the days of daylight will start getting sorter, and we will start the descent into winter.

I looked up the term “bittersweet” to see if I used it correctly. I did. Actually it is a very appropriate term in todays world. It also is a plant.

Having all of the information (and sometimes mis-information) of the Internet at your fingertips is amazing when you think about it Kind of like browsing through a dictionary, you never know what you might find.

As I frequently mention, I really don’t know where the time goes. It seems I should have all kinds of time. But i don’t.

As i have mentioned before I am getting closer and closer to going “all digital”, at last for one of the major newspapers, leaving only he local paper as the only “physical” paper I get.

The problem is I am much less likely to “read” the digital version of anything, including magazines and books Maybe that will change, maybe I just am not all that interested any more.

We go to the AAA baseball team here as one of our major sources of entertainment doing baseball season. It is already almost half over, which is really hard to realize.

I am hoping with the purchase of desktop, I can use the “old” desktop and connect it to my keyboard so I can start composing music etc. again and working with pictures for slide shows etc.

I did “compose” some music and put it as a soundtrack to the slide show. What is weird is that I went back to watch it and some scam, corrupt company had claimed the music as theirs, apparently to get the few cents that may have been generated by by advertising on the slide show. I should have protested but I didn’t.

That’s it for now, Friday, June 16th, 2017.


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