2017 Spring June 18 Sunday

77 degrees this morning. Walk 34:31 miles

Almost didn’t walk this morning, literally a sheet of lightning to the north about 10 miles. However, it didn’t look like it was heading this way so I walked anyway, figuring I would scurry back if it got any closer.

It didn’t get closer to any big degree, although I am sitting on my patio now and my phone advised me that it is within 5 miles (which is normally when I don’t walk if it is that close). I also feel a drop or two of rain and the phone is warning of storms until 5:0i0 a.m.

Pace was 11 seconds faster than my goal, which is good. I expected my pace would pick up after I switched to summer walking clothes.

Finished listening “To Hell and Back”. It was a good book. I was amazed at how little we have learned in almost (or over, since it was a history of Europe from 1914 to 1948) a hundred years of life. 

In spite of wonderful expansions of technology, travel, culture, and availability of food, people can’t just enjoy life!

I will never understand the basis of terrorism as such. I still have a problem grasping how they fund their activities, although I am sure there is plenty written on it. Obvious the ones who literally steal the country, I can understand, but, anyway.

Along with that, I will never understand the business person who has literally more money than they can ever spend and still take criminal chances to make a few more dollars they literally don’t need and will cheat, steal and other unethical actions and maybe even kill people in the process and in the process they risk prison and losing all they have accumulated. Stupid.

Maybe that explains why people can’t just sit back and enjoy life, they are protecting against the unethical businesses and politicians who have to steal a few dollars more and don’t care whom they kill or financially destroy in the process.

Moving inside, the drops of rain are getting harder. I have experienced the damage a few drops of coffee can do to my keyboard (like $750, which is a very expensive cup of coffee), I can imagine the damage of a rain storm.

We decided to “go for it” and ordered an iMac, primarily to handle the scanning of photo’s etc, but also for other projects. We can get a lot more powerful computer for a lot less money, although of course we will miss the convenience.

My MacBook Air should last a few more years and I am waiting for the iPad Pro 12” upgrade, which should be able to pretty well act as a laptop. I am accumulating “cashback” from our major credit card to pay most of it, much as I did for the Apply Watch.

In any event, my MacBook Air was basically rebuilt about a year and 1/2 ago, so until it becomes obsolete it will be fine, especially with the heavy iron provided by the desktop
I am hoping to use the “old” iMac for my music composition, it should still do will in that area, even with old programs.

Looking forward to starting listening to a new book.

That’s it for today, Sunday, June 18, 2017.


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