2017 Spring June 19 Monday

69 degrees this morning 34:56 minute walk

Walk this morning was coolish. After some internal debate, I went “hybrid”, wearing shorts, but also wearing a long sleeved undershirt and a light walking jacket. Not a bad choice.

Pace was seven seconds slower than my goal pace, I’m never quite sure of how to measure my pace while I walk, or even if I want to.

Sometimes when I come in from my walk and I open the door, I think that is my most vulnerable moment during the walk.

Somewhat like like, the periods of transition can be the most dangerous moments, but that is also the moment of change where. Not sure what that means, just an observation I thought about as I was finishing my walk.

Finished “To Hell and Back” yesterday. I thought about listening to it again (like three or four other audible books I have). I guess listening to audible books is a little like life, if you pay more attention you might learn something! I always feel like I miss part of the book, but I also get quite a bit out of them.

Worked on scanning some more pictures yesterday, primarily just learning the process. It will be a long term project. But, if we don’t get started we will never finish it!

Started listening to “Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness” by Edward Abbey this morning. I thought I would try something different.

I literally have hung on to every word so far. It was written in 1969 (events started in 1967). He is working as a Park Ranger on the Moab desert for six months.

During that six months he lives in a trailer miles from anyone else. He really has a tremendous way with words.

He notes how “technology” (in this case a flashlight!) “separates you from the natural world”. He observed if he didn’t use the flashlight, he observed all of the natural world, if he used the flashlight, he concentrated only on the beam of the flashlight and missed the natural world.

His only source of electricity was a generator (the refrigerator etc. was all operated by natural gas, apparently only his lights were run by electricity)

He also mentioned how this separated him from nature or the natural world and him focus only on the lights in the trailer and not the natural world.

I wonder what he would think (or write about) today’s technology?

I didn’t really feel he was being critical of technology, just observing the effects of technology. I expect observing the effects of technology in a non judgmental (or non worshipping) way.

Like anything, we probably shouldn’t try to assume that technology is either good or bad, but rather how it is used to benefit or harm society and individuals.

Actually one of the few times when I got back from my walk and I definitely wanted to continue listening to a book.
At the time I had to stop listening, he was discussing action on a diamondback rattler which was about 30” from his feet. Since it was cool the snake was really active, but would still strike if provoked.

He started off thinking how he could kill it, but then he realized he was ethically (and even legally) responsible for the s safety of all animals in the park! I had to leave it there, to be continued tomorrow!

I had a wonderful Fathers Day weekend.

That’s it for now, Monday, June 19, 2017.


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