2017 Summer! June 21 Wednesday Summer of 17

75 degrees this morning, walk 34:20 minutes

Seemed like a “warm” 75 degrees this morning, wonderful morning for my walk!

Pace was 7 seconds faster than my goal, or almost at my goal. I’m wondering how I can walk much faster without breaking into run! Actually i can walk a lot faster before I have to run to go faster, and quite frankly, I have no intention of jogging or running!

I have “ran” or “jogged” as part of my exercise in the past, but I was always more of a fast walker. I think it is more pleasant, I see more and it is easier on my body. Something I look forward to instead of dreading!

Wonderful morning to sit on the patio. Almost perfect weather to welcome in the first day of Summer!

I have to wonder why the birds are singing when it is dark, I guess they foresee the rising sun, or maybe they just like to sing in the dark.

Somehow every time I hear the birds at night, I think of how turkeys sleep (they “roost” and sleep sitting up).

Listening to “Desert Solitaire”, I am struck again at how much we can learn from the past.

Actually I was wrong, the time of “Desert Solitaire” is 1956 and 57, it was published in 1969. Events over 60 years ago seem like they could have happened today, especially with the lying bully’s attack on the environment and attempt to allow “private industry” to rape and steal from the public lands so he can rip off a few more donor dollars.

Abbey (the author) comments about his fears of development of the area he is a Park Ranger in and how it will basically ruin the experience that the Park land was originally set out for. He notes the development of the first paved road he is a Park Ranger for and how he came back years later and his fears were realized, it had ruined the experience it was created to provide.

I have to say there are limits to preservation, but the unlimited desire to “develop” areas also needs some limits, especially public lands set aside to preserve valuable natural resources!

One quote I like from his book is he mentions “his needs are few, but his desires are unlimited”!

Since listening to the book, even in the short time I have listened to it, I am surprised at how much it has altered my view of things. I, without consciously thinking, am observing nature more and appreciate the attempts by the city I live in to preserve some of the natural areas.

One of those books I will have to buy a copy of so I can read it at leisure and ponder over some of the words, things I can’t do with listening to the book.

On the other hand, if I had sat down to read the book, I’m not sure if I would have felt the beauty of the words of the book and the descriptions which are some of the most descriptive writing i have heard.

The narrator is also perfect for the book. I like to imagine it is the author, although I am sure it is not considering the probable age of the author. At least they picked the perfect person to narrate the book.

I am actually rewinding the book (or whatever you do to an audiobook) so I can hear it again.

Kali and Katherine came over yesterday and working on the picture scanning project. We are glad to get it started. We plan on gradually scanning all of our pictures and records into digital cyberspace!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 21, 2017, the first day of the Summer of 17.


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