2017 Summer June 22 Thursday

71 degrees this morning. walk 34:52 minutes

Wonderful morning for a walk, not too cool or hot.

Strange, even though I felt like I was walking fast, my pace was 14 seconds per mile slower than my goal. Of course, part of it probably is the I am aware of my pace only a minute amount of time and probably just aren’t concentrating on it.

Still 14 seconds slower than my goal is a little hard to take when I feel like I was walking faster.

The book I am listening too, “Desert Solitaire” is one of those that I look forward to listening each morning and shut it down with regret a the end of my walk. It is a wonderful book, even though part of it is filled with anger (righteous anger of course), but also with wonderful descriptions and the words just seem to flow.

Perhaps it is a good book because of the righteous anger, it is good to see someone feel righteous anger and not the political belly flopping you see so much. Probably saw it back them also.

What surprises me is that it was written almost 50 years ago, based on experiences 60 years ago, and I expect he could almost write the same thing today. Obviously with modifications for the “improvements” he hated to see coming, as well as the 4-wheelers etc. that didn’t exist when he was writing.

Maybe I will make a journey to where he wrote about and see for myself what has happened in the the past 60 years and, perhaps more to the point, what hasn’t happened and see if I can see any ghosts of what he wrote about. I assume somewhere someone has mapped where he was and what he was talking about.

The “digitalization” of our pictures etc. is moving along. Kali and Katherine are proceeding fast on the scanning and are finding new ways of working with it to speed up the process and make it a better project.

Currently they are using the old iMac, hopefully the new one will be coming in soon, although I have a feeling this time they are going to ship it when they promised and not early like they normally do! Can’t complain, but it is nice when it comes early.

Computers are strange. All of that power and originally sitting there and you (specifically I) don’t know how to even begin to use the capacity that is sitting there, just waiting for me to put it to use.

I think I will start “small bites”, by learning something every day (maybe every week) that will somehow save me time or benefit me. For example, I know I set reminders that will actually “remind” me when I am at a certain location etc. (leaving, coming home, whatever).

That (reminders) may be a small thing, but I think once I started using it I would use it all the time and could save time. Right now, I don’t use it as much as I should because it is such a hassle to put reminders in etc. However, I actually can orally input them through Siri and it doesn’t make any sense not to use it.

Ditto with the “calendar” and “alerts” etc. They could save you so much time, especially when you tie it in with the Apple Watch.

Also there are a myriad of programs I have that I don’t really get even a small percentage of the benefit they provide (Evernote comes to mind). ‘

I have learned to use the “contacts” in my phone to advantage for work by having the name phone number, e-mail and the account number in one place so I can easily access it.

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 22, 2017.


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