2017 Summer June 23 Friday

77 degrees this morning, walk 35:18 minutes

Good morning for a walk. Pace was 9 seconds slower than my goal, which was somewhat disappointing since I thought I was walking reasonably fast.

After I wrote this yesterday morning, for some reason it wouldn’t “copy and paste”. I finally resent the computer, but it still acted funny and last night I had some more problems. Don’t believe it is the computer, something to do with the programs.

The last time this happened Google Chrome was the problem, but this time I had it off the entire time, so I’m sure that wasn’t it.

Obviously when my main computer is acting up, I get worried about it! Although it is actually working well now, I will need to take it in for a checkup when I get a chance. Fortunately I have my backup iPad and desktop.

I always wonder what the difference would have been/is in my blog if I have to write it on another computer. I’m sure there is a difference, but I will never know for sure!

Sitting out on the patio, it is ver nice this morning Listening to the sounds of the night, early morning, including the wheezing motor of the paper carrier’s car. It has sounded like that for over a year, so I guess it keeps going and does its job. It does have a unique sound. At least I know when the paper is delivered!

No birds this morning for some reason. Usually by now the birds are singing/chirping away, this morning I hear only a silence, with the slight sounds of some kind of bugs. The sounds of the night.

It is really strange that the birds aren’t singing or chirping yet.

“Something is going around” as they say (that is, a very nasty virus or germ, where you just feel miserable and “go from both ends” as they say. I am washing my hands all the time, but probably if I am going to get it, I have already gotten the germ.

No apparent reason or cause, just one of those things, either you catch it or you don’t.

Checked my weight this morning for the first time in a longtime. “Not as bad as I feared or as good as I hoped”. However it indicates a call for action so to speak to make sure I don’t gain anymore and hopefully lose some weight.

Couldn’t wait to listen to “Desert Solitaire”, the stories about the area around Moab etc. during my walk. He not only writes about the desert and the rocks, planets, sky etc., he also write about the people

I don’t know if the episode this morning was true or not, I hope it wasn’t literally true, but it certainly held my attention. It concerned what I think is an attempt by one person to cheat another. but I’m actually not sure. It is a strange story, but Abbey has the skills to write it.

It basically concerns the age-old story of the newcomer with $ for eyes who gets cheated, but it has a lot of twists and turns. A rather strange story even for fiction.

He really has a descriptive and excellent writing flow, and keeps my attention whether he is talking about rocks or people.

That’s it for now, Friday, June 23, 2017.


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