2017 Summer June 25 Sunday

69 degrees this morning, walk 35:15 minutes

Coolish walk this morning, but 69 degrees now, for whatever reason, is not as cold as 69 degrees a month ago! I don’t know if that is expectations or there is some actual physical reason and it is or seems warmer now.

Pace was 13 seconds slower than the goal, which is disappointing. It makes me wonder that my pace would have been if I hadn’t been trying to walk faster!

Of course the time I spend deliberating trying to walk faster isn’t that much of the walk, I may well slack off more than I realize.

Actually, I don’t think the pace really matters, it is just a way of measuring, but I really would like to get the pace down. My goal for the pace is already embarrassedly high.

However, I realize the real goal is to walk on a regular basis, not how fast I walk it.

After lamenting that I didn’t read anymore yesterday morning, I suddenly started reading a fiction book last night. Reading what I call a junk fiction book. Actually it is a book by an author I have never read before and he is reasonably good. At least it keeps my attention and is reasonably clean of violence, excessive profane language etc.

I never thought I would be saying that, but I got really bored with some writers who basically wrote the same novel over and over again and apparently felt that violence, excessive profanity etc. were necessary to get someone to read their book.

I don’t really have anything against someone using whatever they feel they need to use, but I reserve my right not to bother or wasting time reading it!

Actually I am reading an E-book I got free, and it is a reasonably good book. At least it’s not the same old, same old

New York Times Sunday edition didn’t come this morning. While there is no rational reason I like reading it, I get a real pleasure in reading it. It s probably amazing it comes as often as it does on a regular basis. At least they will refund me for the issue. Although I still can access the internet NewYourTimes on a daily basis, i no longer get the physical paper.

I a also reconsidering whether to keep taking the Wall Street Journal physical paper. I really don’t see the advantage in continuing the physical paper, although I enjoy it also. It has an excellent e-edition. i

I also am reading a non-fiction newsletter that was sent to me. The one article I scanned (I just got it) concerning the decline in every-day life for many Americans .

What really shocked me was the Americans in jail (if the article is correct). The United States has like 710 persons jailed per 100,000 residents while the average for most civilized countries is 115 persons jailed per 100,000 residents and is as little as 45 per 100,000 residents in Iceland. A real shame that should be the priority for society.

If the article is correct (and of course I have read this elsewhere) there are a large number of, in this case, especially men in what is consider their “prime working years” are simply not working or even trying to work. May be a large number of reasons, but it is a fact it a problem. The article also mentions the problem of drug and alcohol abuse are just almost overwhelming. I have to admit I have a problem understanding what would make someone abuse some of the drugs that are out there when they know it will basically destroy their lives.

I have no answers to the problem of drug and alcohol abuse, either the prevention or enforcement. I just know it is a real tragedy.

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 25, 2017


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