2017 Summer June 26 Monday

2017 Summer June 26 Monday

74 degrees this morning, no walk (schedule)

A beautiful 74 degrees this morning. Early morning event so I didn’t walk.

My electronic assistants seem to be going faintly awry. My Macbook Air started acting strange, not the hardware, but the software.

It all started when my post last week wouldn’t “copy and paste” until I reset the computer. However, after I reset it, a completely different “on procedure” came up. Than it started asking of my “keychain password”, and just a lot of other stuff.

I finally got it working again this morning, but I’m kind looking at it with a worried eye. Probably will take it in to be evaluated, it is too much of a part of my life to be creating problems.

Fortunately I have the iPhone and iPad backups, plus my desktop. It is just that I depend on my laptop so much. I really need it to last another couple of years, hopefully until Apple gets smart and has a touch screen, or I can just use an iPad as a laptop substitute.

I’m waiting for the next upgrade of the “iPad Pro 12”” before I do anything about an iPad.

Then my personal iPhone started acting a little strange, but a reset seemed to take care of it. It is over two years old, but should easily last until the iPhone 8 (or whatever they are calling it) comes out and even then I don’t know if I will upgrade, it just is an option.

To top it off, the player we use in the car for audio books is starting to randomly disconnect from “bluetooth”. Very frustrating if you are into a book. Not sure if it is the car or the player (an iPhone that is being

While finally reading the instruction book (without any success), I did find out that I can get text messages over my car system, which may not be a good idea!

Should be getting the new desktop iMac soon. Scheduled for the 28th, may get here sooner.

I also am scheduled to have a “whole house” wifi router installed in the hopes of having the “dead space” for my printer resolved and any other “dead spaces”.

Technology is such a pain sometimes, as well as being wonderful!

One thing I really like about the Apple system is that literally everything I write on one computer/device is available on every other one. It really saves a lot of time.

Still trying to get full use out of some of my programs and “apps”. The “Notes” app on Apple is really wonderful and I am learning more and more to depend on this.

For some reason I have never been able to really develop any use for “Evernote”, other than as a storage device. However, I keep trying. I hear of someone doing so much with it, I have to wonder what I am missing!

I noticed one real defect in Apple yesterday which is there is no really good way to “rotate” a document. Rather an strange omission, it seems like after all this time, they would have a convenient way to”rotate” a document, much as a touch screen should be at least an option now.

That’s it for today, Monday, June 26, 2017.


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