2017 Summer June 28 Wednesday

75 degrees this morning, walk 34:59 minutes

A little windy this morning, but still a nice walking morning. Five seconds slower than my goal, which is close enough to meeting my goal.

Of course that is my current goal, not the pace I feel I should be walking, but….

Goals are something like that, if you set them too high, you never meet them, if you set them too low, they are meaningless. I would say I have my goal too low, except that I only meet it about one-half the time, if that. Maybe that makes it a true goal.

All of my years with cities, I usually basically felt that “growth was good” within reason. My other experience and some comments in “Desert Solitaire” have made me rethink that.

I think I would change my thinking to say “Change is good” because change is going to happen no matter what, so you need to adjust to change, anticipate it and deal with it.

On the other hand, while growth is certainly change, it is not necessarily good.

The area around here has certainly demonstrated that, part of the problem is shoddy growth.

Technology strikes again. In order to adequately use my new printer, which was supposed to be the ultimate in technology, work since it was too far from the router. Frankly I have to wonder about a printer is so weak it can’t pick up signals from a router.

Anyway, the cable company had been advertising a “whole house” wifi. The technician was here for 3 hours and was never able to get the modem installed correctly (not his fault, he tried hard).

I found out it was brand new and this was the first one he had installed. It ended up with a “extender modem” installed directly next to the printer, one of my wifi’s still doesn’t work and my “nest” thermostats aren’t working right (or at least the wifi part).

It seems that overtime I try something, technology overpromises and under delivers making things worse instead of better.

Being basically a positive person, I am sure everything will work out in the long run. At least I can keep calling the cable company until they get it right!

I am trying to develop some kind of approach to taking pictures of my Hot Wheels. I am going to keep proceeding no matter what and not retake any pictures right now. Looking back, I can see some errors I made and right now I am going to keep going ahead rather than looking back.

So far I have taken close to 70 pictures and i haven’t even made a noticeable dent in my collection (I take the one’s I have taken a picture of and put them aside so I know I have taken a picture of them).

My other project, sorting through t-shorts and weeding out t-shirts to make a “t shirt quilt” is progressing, maybe a little slowly, but at least progressing. It is difficult to decide not only what shirts I will never wear again, but, perhaps more important, what t shirts I want to include in the “t shirt quilt”.
I thought first I would make the quilt “tell a story”, but I am not moving towards just letting it be a large number of random memories of my life. Life it somewhat like that anyway, assorted random events leading the some kind of coherent pattern.

I always liked Carole King’s song “Tapestry”, that life is a tapestry of events, people and experiences.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, June 28, 2017.


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