2017 Summer June 29 Thursday

77 degrees this morning, no walk due to schedule.

Very windy this morning almost a coldness in the air from the wind. Didn’t walk this morning.

Still having problems connecting to one of the wifi accounts, appears to be intermittent. Of course the old “shut it off and restart” and “may be a compatibility problem” “solutions” were trotted out like always, the words of incompetence and not wanting to mess with your problem (that they created but suddenly their incompetence is YOUR problem).

The new iMac came yesterday. The packaging is so beautiful and useful, I feel I should have taken a movie of unpacking it! I just have to feel that a company that takes the time to package everything right probably takes the time to do other things right.

Get it going, like always with Apple, it was easy and very intuitive. Everything hooked up almost immediately and even somewhat automatically.

It will be a lot faster for for the picture scanning project and for a lot of other projects for that matter.

I plan on using the “old” iMac as kind of an “always on” note taker, calendar and reminder (so I don’t have to fire up my laptop or mess with the phone to do it.

More important, I am planning on using it with my keyboard to compose music again. While I enjoyed composing music and make slide shows several years ago (I would make a slide show and compose music to go along with it), there just didn’t seem to be much point to it. However I enjoyed doing it and perhaps that is the point of it. Of course finding the time may be difficult.

Neighbors wind chimes may be pretty, but they are very intrusive and starts to wear on me when I am out on the patio. Especially when it is very windy like today. It isn’t even a close neighbor, so I am sure the noise affects the entire area.

I am becoming more and more aware of the deterioration of “brick and mortar” retail which is getting literally destroyed by the internet sales. More and more retail stores are declaring bankruptcy or going out of business since the traffic simply isn’t there.

I realize “progress is progress” and hopefully the change is for the better, but it is sure hurting a lot of people in the process.

Three years ago we were in the process of moving. In fact, I just checked and 3 year ago we had just moved and apparently did not have any AC in the house or any furniture, waiting for furniture to arrive etc.

It was Sunday and we had just eaten breakfast at “First Watch”.

Hard to believe, I had forgotten about no AC when we first moved here!

Strangely, I rarely look at my past posts. I always think I do it so I can look back, but I very rarely do, except like today, just to verify an event etc.

I’m not sure what our hopes and dreams were three years ago, probably just to get unpacked and into somewhat of a normal existence!

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 29, 2017.


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