2017 Summer June 30 Friday

77 degrees this morning, walk 34;32 miles

Overall enjoyable walk this morning, no forecast of rain, but lightning moved in as I ended my walk and I felt a few drops of rain.

However, after my weights and shower etc., I am sitting out on the patio and it is not raining and I don’t see any signs of lightning.

Pace this morning was 3 seconds slower than my goal, so the past few days I think I have been within 10 seconds of my goal most of the time.

I am trying to decide if I should change my goal to make it more challenging, but if I never meet it, it eventually wouldn’t make a lot of sense. On the other hand, it may be that my present goal is too slow, and I own’t improve until I set a more difficult goal.

Of course, then the question is, if I never meet it, do I need to make a slower goal? Anyway, I’ll think some more on it.

Working on the picture project. I again learn hat the way to learn something is to do it. Having a reason to learn a computer program or app is a good way to sharpen my mind and concentrate and I learn fast then. Of course, that assumes I don’t run into any roadblocks.

I learned a long time ago I learn faster if I try something and then take a course or instruction on it, not the other way around.

It is fascinating to hold pictures in my hand dated 1900! I look at it and think of how they couldn’t really envision their lives and the world to come, any more than we can envision our future world.

I just noticed the Crepe Myrtle may be “blooming”, if that is the correct word. I like it because Crepe Myrtles are one of my favorites, and it means Summer is here. I don’t like it because it means Summer is fading slowly but surely, if ever so much in the far distant future! I may be wrong, it is dark and it may just be the way the light shines, but it sure looks like they are blooming, I’ll find out later today!

Three years ago, we were living in a rental house without any furniture, waiting for our furniture etc. to be moved. Oddly enough, it is something you adjust to relatively fast.

Still listening to “Desert Solitaire”, still holding my attention. He is now in the middle of describing some of his trips. It i quite book.

He made a comment about innovation that was interesting, that creativity can’t thrive where everything is the same. Now you would say no diversity.

Abbey was writing in the 60’s on something that happen in the 50’s. I really wonder what he would think now, with the cars, technology, and perhaps worst, the invasion of the natural areas by both 4 wheelers etc., and also by energy companies wanting to pillage the land to rip off a few more dollars from taxpayer land.

Glad Friday is here. While this isn’t a 3 day weekend, the holiday Tuesday will be nice. It does signify that Summer is half over theoretically, although around here Summer normally lasts until at least late September, frequently with nice weather until Thanksgiving.

However, I”m not even going to think about the of Summer, I will just enjoy the hot weather and the long days of sunshine!

That’s it for now, Friday, June 30, 2017.


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