2017 Summer July 2 Sunday

74 degrees this morning, walk 34:26 minutes

Pleasant walk this morning. Pace was 12 seconds faster than my goal, which is good. I may be able to lower my goal yet!

Of course, if I lower it by 30 seconds, I may never reach my goal, so I may try lowering it 15 seconds, slough that would make it xx minutes and 45 seconds rather than a flat xx minus. I would like a goal I can occasionally obtain, but not do it all the time so it keeps me hoofing a little.

Actually, probably part of the reason I am a little slow is I listen to books rather than music. Listening to some music can improve my walking pace a lot, although I have no real empirical evidence for that as far as my pace.

Thus far, I enjoy my books and am so far behind I don’t see myself listening to music while I walk in the foreseeable future.

Three years ago today the moving van appeared early in the morning and our move here officially started. Frankly, if I ever move again it will be too soon! We still have some “downsizing” to do before any future moves! I’m still working on it every day!

I’m not quite sure what to say about the past three years. Perhaps it is not as bad as I feared or as good as I hoped, but it has certainly been, overall, some good positive experiences, especially with family members. Also, while we don’t like our house quite as much as we liked the one we lived in for 8 years with the wonderful backyard, we like it very much, which really isn’t bad when you think about it.

Strangely enough, in looking back over the past three years, I’m sure there are some high points and low points, but it is all still sort of a blur, like three years have sped by. We do definitely notice the change though in children! They grow so fast.

The sun hangs in the sky at night, it is wonderful. I think one of the things i like about watching baseball (live) is that it is outside and I can sit and enjoy the game, but I also can just sit and enjoy the outdoors without any real purpose, just enjoy it.

I still need to drive to where I can see the wonderful sunsets here.

One of our Crepte Myrtles is blooming, the other one isn’t. Hopefully it is just a “late bloomer” so to speak!

Listening to “Desert Solitaire” yet. His writing and descriptive skills are just amazing. He can teak the most humdrum scene and make it beautiful and his thoughts, while I don’t always agree, are very descriptive and “thoughtful” so to speak. I know I”m not supposed to use the same word to describe the same word but I can’t think of a good alternative.

Anything I listen too after this will seem (at least the descriptive words) boring!

Finished a novel, an e-novel I got free from Amazon, a book by a relatively new writer. Not bad, kept my interest etc., even though it is basically just another mystery book. However, it was entertaining and somewhat real life (the “hero” so to speak, had a small child he went home to play with etc.) and it added some human descriptions without making him some mythic perfect person.

Anyway, I finished it and it was a good book, the characters seemed alive and somewhat realistic anyway.

Still fighting technology in my wifi and scanner. Technology always wins the war but occasionally I win some battles.

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 2, 2017.


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