2017 Summer July 4 Tuesday

69 degrees this morning, no walk, rain

Relatively heavy rain last night, not bad in this area. Coolish weather this morning.

July 4,2017 sure seemed to get here quickly! 2017 is now over 50% over.

Recently read a newsletter where the author noted that the United States has “meddled” in some way in literally every country in the world. He mentioned that perhaps it was time to consider our military action in other countries.

I really haven’t concluded if I feel he is generally right or not. At least he brings up the conversation.

As he mentioned “you can’t shoot ideas, you can only shoot people”. Obviously he feels that many of our actions in other countries involved trying to control ideas, which is impossible. I have to feel he is right in many cases.

I guess you have to go back to the general rule that “if we have the best system it will prevail”.

Of course, that isn’t necessarily true as shown by the current political environment in the Untied States where “dark money” can have a major control over elections, and a few extremists with major sources of money (like the kook brothers and “think tanks” that are really just guises for tax exempt extreme political machines on both sides).

A real extreme is the Senator from Nevada who was voting what he felt was best in voting against the GOP health insurance bill and voting as his constituents (and the Governor wanted) and then the corrupt lying bully lunatic calls up a couple of his fat cat extremist supporters and they start spending millions on a hate campaign against him.

Of course a lying clown “fake president” who encourages violence and hate and is an obvious racist bigot and panders to the lowest in people doesn’t help. How the GOP Senators and Representatives and his so called professional staff can support his antics is beyond me.

Anyway, back to the theory of the United States “meddling” in other countries. I really don’t know how to feel about his comments on that.

One major trend he sees is a huge increase in “escapism”, perhaps somewhat in reaction to the feeling of powerlessness by the huge influence of the “fat cats” money in political impact is a major increase in escapism, into video games, alcohol, drugs and other “diversions”, including avoiding reality.

He sees a “golden age of entertainment” as people try to escape reality. (This is related so some stocks and investments he recommends etc., although he isn’t an investment advisor as suchI).

He brings up the (in my opinion very real) dangers of “hacking” and cyberterrorism as major trends in the future, if not the present. Obviously he is correct that the possibilities could be a major disruption in our lives etc., as is already happening.

He feels that it is a matter of “when” not “if” there is an extended outage of the internet. Obviously we are dependent on the internet for a large portion of our lives now, so hopefully steps are begin taken to protect the Internet and insure some form of the internet will be available.

I can’t say that I necessarily agree with all of this, but then I never believed that a lying extremist lunatic would be elected president either. Certainly I never believed that elected Senators and Representatives would support a obviously corrupt liar and vote for bills that benefit the very wealthy and big companies on the backs of low and moderate income voters.

Somehow this all relates to the “Independence Day” and American ideals. I can only depend on the fact that extremism is usually self correcting. Of course, it normally self-corrects to extremism on the other side, which isn’t good either.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 4, 2017.


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